What to Do if Your Child Was Injured by a Polaris Vehicle in Indiana

Polaris vehicles have been gaining popularity among children and teenagers over the past several years. With their off-roading, side-by-side designs, it is no wonder that minors have taken so quickly to these recreational all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). Taking notice, Polaris exclusively marketed certain models, specifically a youth sport side-by-side, to children, describing a thrilling and fun experience for ages 10 and up.

But unfortunately, there have been some serious accidents involving Polaris off-road vehicles; accidents that have resulted in severe injuries and fatalities to kids in particular. You would think that these children’s accidents were caused by operator negligence in some way, but that is not necessarily so. Some of these accidents were caused by a manufacturer defect in Polaris vehicles. As a response, certain models of Polaris have been officially recalled.

If your child was injured as a result of a recalled Polaris vehicle, your next step is to retain professional counsel, and learn your rights to pursuing legal action against the manufacturer. Continue reading to learn which models of Polaris vehicles have been recalled, what types of accident they are causing, and how to contact a personal injury law firm to get started on your Polaris lawsuit in Indiana.

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Polaris Vehicle Recalls

Polaris has manufactured numerous models of ATV’s and recreational vehicles. But between the years of 2008 and 2018, the company had to recall hundreds of thousands of off-road recreational vehicles because they were defective. Not only were they discovered to have crash hazards, they were also major fire hazards.

The 2015 and 2017 Youth RZR 170 were two of the primary models of Polaris vehicles to have these fire and crash manufacturer defects. A faulty fuel pump ring on the 2015 model caused leakage issues, which resulted in many fires and explosions. The 2017 model also caused fatal fires and explosions due to a cracked fuel tank, faulty wiring that was prone to overheating or short-circuiting.  And these are not all. Many more youth-marketed models have been recalled for defects that caused serious collisions and crashes.

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Polaris Accident Claims for Injured Children

Although Polaris equipped their youth vehicles with parental speed controls and safety kits, they were not comprehensive enough when it came to providing children full protection. For this reason, they could be found negligent, and any child who has suffered serious injuries as a result of a Polaris accident needs justice.

How to Make a Polaris Accident Claim in Indiana

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