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When searching for the best product liability lawyer services near Indianapolis, Indiana, stop your search now. The Law Office of Craven, Hoover and Blazek P.C. offers reliable representation to meet all of your legal needs after suffering injuries and damages as a result of a dangerous or defective product. Our experienced product liability attorneys understand the nuances of general litigation practice as well while providing specialized service in corporate law and product liability responsibility matters. Clients trust the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek to ensure their protection from uncertain future events. With over two decades of experience in Indiana civil law, we are proud members of the esteemed Trial Lawyers of America and the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. Our reputation for providing assertive legal representation is unparalleled; our solid case record speaks to this fact. We always make sure that injured victims and personal injury claimants receive comprehensive advocacy throughout their cases.

It doesn’t end here – we offer individualized legal support tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, 24/7. In fact, our legal team offers complimentary initial case assessments to discuss your potential options. We work on contingency, so our accident attorneys earn nothing unless you recover an award or settlement. In addition, we are proud to provide Spanish-speaking lawyer services.

Speak With a Skilled Defective Products Lawyer in Indiana

If you’re in need of an accomplished defective products lawyer in Indiana, look no further than the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. Our team of skilled products liability lawyers in Indianapolis are experienced at handling a variety of personal injury claims connected to defective, dangerous, and recalled products and can obtain the maximum settlement or verdict for your case. Let us help you get the justice that you deserve after being injured by a hazardous product in Indiana.

Contact us today at 317-881-2700 or submit an email directly from our website telling us more about your accident and injuries. We represent Hoosiers throughout the state, as well as Indiana residents injured in other states.

Defective Product Cases We Represent:

CHILD PRODUCTS — Swing Sets, Strollers, Car Seats, Vehicle Accessories, Toys, Swimming Pools, Cribs, Safety Gates, Candy, Clothing, Drugs, Healthcare Products, Medical Devices, Etc.

MEDICAL PRODUCTS — Artificial Hips, Artificial Joints, Pacemakers, OTC Medications, Prescription Medications, Birth Control, Pain Pumps, Mesh Implants, Nebulizers, Etc.

CONSUMER PRODUCTS — Vehicles, Motorized Commodities (Hoverboards, Segways, etc.), Guns, Electrical Appliances, Electronics, Food Products, Ladders, Heaters, Beauty Products, Etc.

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS — Heavy Machinery, Construction Equipment, Power Tools, Scaffolding, Electrical Switches, Electronics, Barges, Etc.


Connect With a Products Liability Attorney in Indianapolis

Whether your child was injured by an unsafe toy, your surgical hip implant caused you harm, or you were maimed by malfunctioning heavy machinery at work, it is of the utmost importance that you connect with an experienced defective products lawyer as quickly as possible after suffering a major injury due to a hazardous product. This will ensure that all pertinent and incriminating proof against any responsible parties is preserved so we can secure full and equitable restitution for your harm. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, the skilled Indianapolis product liability attorneys at Craven, Hoover & Blazek P.C are here to help. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients who suffered harm due to another's negligence in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. Our team is committed to ensuring that victims obtain fair compensation for their pain and suffering associated with product liability injuries. Let us fight on your behalf.

For reliable and trusted legal counsel, do not hesitate to contact us right away at 317-881-2700 and tell us more about your accident and injuries. We offer free initial consultations, so there are no out-of-pocket obligations to learn more about your case. Best of all, we work on contingency, which means you don’t pay us unless we obtain an award for you.

The 3 Types of Manufacturer Defect Injury Claims:

When it comes to product liability, there are three key claims that can be made: design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects –

Design defects involve a product that is not safe for its intended use, even if it has been manufactured correctly. This could mean that the product was designed in such a way that it posed an inherent danger to consumers or that there were certain design choices made which did not adequately address potential hazards. In order for a design defect claim to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that the design was inherently dangerous and that a reasonable manufacturer would have known of this danger at the time the product was designed.

Manufacturing defects occur when a product is made incorrectly, either due to quality control issues or because of errors in production. This means that even if the design is safe, there could be an issue with how the product was made. In this case, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defect was caused by a manufacturing process and not inherent in the design of the product.

Marketing defects pertain to when a company fails to provide adequate instructions or warnings about potential hazards related to their products. This could mean that consumers weren't adequately informed about the risks associated with a product, or that the manufacturer failed to provide sufficient information on how to use the item safely. In order for a plaintiff to successfully make a marketing defect claim, they must prove that inadequate warnings were provided and that such warnings would have prevented any harm caused by the product.

By understanding these three types of product liability manufacturing defects, you can better prepare yourself for your first consultation with our defective product lawyers in Indianapolis. We’ll explain the qualities of your case without using any confusing legal jargon.

What To Do After a Defective Product Harms You:

After sustaining an injury, it is essential to keep your product’s packaging, instructions, labels, and the item itself safe -- as these items are integral for presenting a convincing claim in court. It is essential to keep the receipt or proof of purchase, as well as gather all pertinent information related to the item, such as model numbers and manufacturer's name. No need to fret if you haven't retained any of these items; our qualified Indiana product liability attorneys are experienced in researching and accumulating all the information we require for a successful case.

Do Not Delay – Tell Us About Your Defective Products Injury Case Today

Bringing a product liability lawsuit is no simple task, so you require an accident attorney who has considerable experience with similar cases. Here at the Law Office of Craven, Hoover and Blazek P.C., your premier Indianapolis products liability attorneys are thoroughly adept in product malfunction lawsuits resulting in serious injury or harm. Our success rate speaks for itself; we have won ample compensation many times over to cover our client's medical bills, lost income, and pain-and-suffering, as well as long-term damages such as rehabilitation costs. Let us help make things right again - talk to one of our experienced defective product accident lawyers today.

Contact us at 317-881-2700 to schedule a no-fee case evaluation and properly learn your rights to file a civil lawsuit for damages suffered in a wrongful defective product accident in Indiana.
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