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At Craven, Hoover and Blazek P.C., our pedestrian injury attorneys have more than 25 years of experience handling a wide scope of pedestrian accident cases in Indianapolis and across Indiana. Since our founding in 1995, our personal injury law firm has been committed to providing the highest standard of legal representation for our clients. This commitment has earned us a long-standing reputation as one of the top pedestrian accident law firms in the state. With a thorough understanding of Indiana pedestrian laws and regulations, and more than two decades of experience in civil litigation, our Indianapolis pedestrian injury lawyers are able to provide top-notch representation for our clients.

As we are proud to be members of distinguished organizations like the Trial Lawyers of America and the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, you can trust that our legal teams have the motivation, skills, and resources to obtain the maximum settlement for your damages and losses. Not only do we provide free initial consultations, but we also work on contingency – this means there is never any out-of-pocket financial obligation to begin the pedestrian accident claim process. If we fail to recover an award for you, you do not pay us any lawyer fees.

The Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Indianapolis Who Don’t Back Down

There is a good reason why the Law Office of Craven, Hoover and Blazek P.C. has a successful track record in representing innocent pedestrians who have been injured in accidents caused by the negligence of others. Whether it’s a car accident, truck accident, or any other type of motor vehicle accident, our Indianapolis pedestrian accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience to seek a favorable outcome for wounded victims and personal injury clients. We take on these kinds of cases with tenacity, compassion, and dedication. And because we are fully committed to justice, we never back down from a fight in court or at the negotiating table. Although most personal injury cases are settled out of court, we are always prepared to take your case to trial if the opposing party will not agree to fair compensation.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys are indeed dedicated to providing exemplary legal services, from initial consultations through complex litigation. Contact us at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free consultation and get the information you need to protect your rights to personal injury compensation.

Pedestrian Accident Cases We Represent:

  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Crosswalk Accidents
  • Parking Lot Accidents
  • Hit and Runs

The Most Common Pedestrian Injuries We See in Indiana

Central Indianapolis is awash with outdoor spaces for walkers, joggers, moped riders, and bicyclists to enjoy. From the alluring Monon Trail and bustling Downtown Indianapolis to other college campuses such as IUPUI and Ivy Tech, local parks, golf courses, and beyond, it is no surprise that pedestrian injury accidents are on the rise in this vibrant city each year. As foot traffic increases within these popular areas of Indy, so too does the potential risks. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable due to the size and speed of motorized vehicles, meaning that any collision between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle can result in severe and even fatal injuries. Common pedestrian injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, internal organ damage, severe burns, lacerations, and sadly, death. In some cases, psychological trauma may also be a factor in pedestrian accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pedestrian Accidents

Who is liable in a pedestrian accident?
Pedestrian accidents involve a pedestrian sustaining injuries as a result of being struck by a vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, various individuals involved can be held liable for the pedestrian accident. Generally, pedestrian accidents are linked to the driver in some way, and it is up to the pedestrian to prove negligence or fault of the driver in order for liability to be established.

Other parties such as car owners, local authorities for roadway issues, and manufacturers of vehicles could potentially be held accountable in pedestrian accidents if any evidence shows their part in causing them. Liability reflects who is ultimately responsible for any damages occurred from an accident; thus, it is important to properly assess who is liable in pedestrian accidents so that appropriate accountability is achieved.
What are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents?
Common causes of pedestrian accidents include driver negligence, poor visibility, distracted driving, excessive speed, traffic signals not being followed, or a pedestrian not observing pedestrian right-of-way laws. Although pedestrian fatalities remain steady, pedestrian safety should not be taken lightly, and all parties involved should take measures to ensure pedestrian rights are observed.
How can pedestrians avoid getting hit by cars?
Pedestrian accidents are a major safety concern, but there are some things you can do to help reduce the chances of such incidents. Individuals should make eye contact with the drivers in order to ensure they are seen and that their right-of-way is respected. Walking defensively by being aware of one's surroundings, keeping out of blind spots, and avoiding distractions such as listening to earbuds can also help decrease pedestrian accident risks. Additionally, pedestrians should always obey street signs and cross with designated pedestrian crossings when available. Following these general guidelines can drastically reduce the likelihood of pedestrian-vehicle collisions.
What should you do if you are hit by a car as a pedestrian?
In the event of a pedestrian accident, it is important to remain calm and seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you feel well enough, take several photographs and video recordings at the scene. Also, be sure to gather contact information from the opposing party (if they remain at the scene) and any witnesses that saw the accident. Additionally, you should file a police report documenting the incident for insurance purposes. Once it is safe to move, document all expenses related to the pedestrian accident, such as hospital bills, deductibles, medical expenses, and any damages incurred to your personal property. Lastly, contact our experienced pedestrian injury attorneys for valuable advice and guidance.

Speak to a Certified Pedestrian Injury Attorney in Indianapolis

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident in Indiana, the experienced pedestrian injury attorneys at Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. are here to help. Our personal injury legal team has decades of combined experience representing victims of pedestrian accidents and their immediate families, an remain passionate about helping clients achieve justice by obtaining fair compensation for their injuries and suffering. We provide counsel on recovering compensation for damages such as medical bills, hospital costs, lost wages due to an inability to work or recuperation period, pain-and-suffering allowances, and much more.

Let us help you with your pedestrian injury case so that you may pick up your life without undue financial hardship. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the justice and financial compensation you deserve for your damages and losses. Contact us at 317-881-2700 today to schedule a no-fee consultation.
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