Who is Legally Responsible for Damages Caused by an Under-Aged Drivers?

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The legal driving age is set for a reason. And there are certain qualifications that must be met before anyone, at any age, is offered a drivers’ license. Without an active drivers’ license, a person is not legally allowed to operate a vehicle under any circumstances. Now the age at which a person can legally apply and acquire a drivers’ license differs state to state. In Indiana, a teenager can legally begin drivers’ education courses and receive a probationary license at the age of 16 or older. A probationary license prohibits a person from driving alone. They must always have a licensed driver with them at all times while operating a vehicle. This type of license is not intended to let a person drive legally, without supervision of an actual licensed driver.

Once a person reaches the age of 17, they are eligible to take the state mandatory driving tests, written and field, and receive their drivers’ licensed if they pass both exams. No one under these ages, or without a valid license, can legally operate a vehicle. So what happens if an under-aged minor decides to take a car for a joy-ride, and then causes an accident that renders another person injured or worse? Continue reading to find out.

Under-Age and Un-Insured Motorist Accidents

When a minor that is under the legal driving age and without proper licensing causes a car accident that results in another person’s injury or death, it can be alarming to learn who is actually responsible for the injured party’s’ damages. The answer is the parents or legal guardians. An under-aged minor without a drivers’ license doesn’t have insurance, and it is usually the insurance company that pays out a settlement in the case of a car accident. The parents are the ones with liability insurance for their children, or at least they should, and these are ones who will get the brunt of the liability. Many insurance companies, however, may not pay for such an incident since the driver was neither legal nor of-age, which means the parents will have to personally pay remuneration for whoever was injured as a result of their minor’s driving escapade.

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