What Do I Say to Insurance Adjusters After Being Injured in a Car Accident?

It can be very confusing knowing what to say, sign, or do after a car accident that leaves you seriously injured. It is important to understand as a car accident victim that anything said or signed can be used against you when making a claim for compensation. To make matters even more delicate, insurance adjusters seek to obtain certain information and admissions out of claimants through strategic and formulated interview questions, all for the purpose of using the information as a means to evade liability for their client’s damages. Basically, insurance companies’ main objective is to pay as little as possible to anyone making a claim with them.

Continue reading to learn what your rights are as a personal injury car accident victim, including what you should not say to insurance adjusters and police in order to protect your rights to full and fair compensation.

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What To Do as a Car Accident Victim

It is vital to make a police report at the scene of the incident, even if the at-fault driver drove off and even if the at-fault driver tells you at the scene they are at-fault. Likewise, it is just as important to get a medical report recorded at the scene of the accident as well. If the paramedics believe you require medical care, allow them to transport you to the nearest hospital. They are specifically trained to make these types of medical decisions. 

If you are transported by ambulance and are not able to talk with the investigating officer at the scene of the collision, make your police and medical report in the hospital. Most police officers will go to the hospital to obtain your version of the incident.  In any even, as soon as you are stable, whether at home or in the hospital, it is time to hire an Indiana personal injury lawyer to represent you in your car accident claim.

Never Talk With a Defendant’s Insurance Carrier

As a recent car accident victim, the best course of action for you to take is to get a legal professional on your side as soon as possible. If an insurance carrier calls you, take down their name, address, phone number and claim number and provide that information to your attorney. Waivers, documents, and interviews can entail confusing jargon and mislead victims.

An experienced car accident attorney will handle and organize every single detail of your case. This includes gathering all necessary documents, such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, expert testimonies, and more. They will also conduct all communications with your insurance company and the opposing insurance adjusters, as well as, opposing counsels, judges, doctors, and more.

Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim:

✅ You have the right to ask a police officer to file a police report.

✅ You have the right to take pictures at the scene of the accident, including damages to property (both vehicles), injuries, persons in the area, surrounding landmarks and structures, etcetera.

✅ You have the right to deny an insurance adjuster’s request for a recorded statement without consulting with your lawyer first (whether it’s your insurance carrier or another).

✅ You have the right to professional and private legal counsel.

✅ You have the right to seek to collect compensation for your damages and losses if negligently caused by another person.

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