The 4 Basic Consumers Rights

When you buy a product, whether from a store or directly from the manufacturer, you expect it to be safe. So, when a defective or harmful product causes you or your loved one injury, the rules are on your side. The law imposes several statutory duties onto commercial manufacturers and businesses in order to protect their consumers from harmful products. In fact, some states have even codified such regulations into law. These are known as consumer rights, and although they are not strict law in all jurisdictions, they are widely accepted legal principles that affirm a victim’s right to being compensated for their damages and losses after being injured by a harmful or defective product. 

Continue reading to learn the four basic consumer rights that are widely recognized in the United States under product liability law, and how they protect you from harmful products.

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Basic Consumer Rights

Consumer rights refer to a particular body of law that sets specific standards and regulations for manufacturing companies and businesses to protect their consumers from danger. Although subjective, four basic consumer rights that are widely accepted are 1) the right to be informed, 2) the right to safety, 3) the right to choose, and 4), the right to voice your opinion.

Your Right to Safety

Not only is the right to safety the most widely accepted of all the consumer rights, but it is also arguably the most imperative. A consumer should be fully-protected when they purchase and use a product from a manufacturer or business. All products should be reasonably safe, so long as they are properly used for their intended purpose. But when a product causes serious injury to a consumer, whether as a result of manufacturer negligence or some other reason, this is often in violation of their consumer right to safety.

Your Right to Information

The consumer right to being informed is important because no consumer should be left in the dark about anything relevant to the use or operation of a product they’ve purchased. Not knowing everything there is to know about the makeup, operation, and warnings of a product can put the consumer at high risk for injury and harm. False or misleading claims, poor labeling, and insufficient manufacturing information can be dangerous for a consumer, especially in cases of medications, healthcare devices, and highly flammable products.

Your Right to Choose

Another universally-recognized consumer right is the right to choose. Basically, this abates the growth and development of monopolies, this way, consumers are allowed the benefit of comparing products, prices, retailers, vendors, and decide based on their research. Many states have introduced anti-trust and unfair competition laws to protect this consumer right.

Your Right to Voice Your Opinion

Although not entirely statutory among all jurisdictions, it is still generally agreed upon that consumers have the right to be heard. In fact, with the growing technologies available today, consumers are given the platform to voice their opinions on products through customer testimonials, online reviews, social media, and more. This not only allows consumers to rate products and inform others on their experience with them, but it also lets them voice their concerns, to both their audience and the manufacturers themselves.

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