Can I Discuss My Accident Claim With the Other Party’s Insurance Company?

After being hurt in an accident, you will be confronted with the invitation to speak with the other party’s insurance company. You may even want to talk with a defendant’s insurance adjuster because you would probably be feeling like you are helping.  Speaking to an insurance adjuster prior to speaking with an attorney is not wise.

Continue reading to learn why, and what you should do to fully protect your rights to a full and fair settlement.

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Insurance Adjuster Tactics are Not in Your Favor

Insurance companies train their adjusters to use very specific tactics to get information out of claimants that can jeopardize their rights to being compensated. You see, the opposing party’s insurance company has one primary objective, which is to pay out as little as possible, preferably nothing at all, for your accident claim. They will record whatever you say, and then dissect it until they can piece together your words out of context to try to limit your claim.  A defendant’s insurance adjuster does not owe any duty to an injured claimant and they are not trying to help you with your claim.

For these reasons and more, personal injury claimants should never, under any circumstances, speak with the other party’s insurance company until they have spoken to their own lawyer. Even then, it is very unlikely that a personal injury lawyer will let their client talk to the other party’s insurance adjuster, or at least alone and without legal advice.

What to Do After an Accident

After an accident, your priority should be to seek medical treatment by a licensed doctor. Be sure to keep any and all documents as evidence of your medical treatment. Follow all doctors’ orders and appear for all follow-up appointments if at all possible.

Once you are stable, or if an immediate family member can help, contact an Indiana personal injury law firm to retain professional representation for your accident claim right away. Reputable firms offer free case evaluations and work on contingency, which means you do not have to pay any lawyer fees upfront.

Not only is it important to follow the advice of your doctors and medical professionals, but it is also vital to take the advice of your personal injury lawyer very seriously. You do not want to make any these common mistakes with your personal injury claim.  Moreover, as defendants’ insurance carriers have attorneys on staff, it is important for you to obtain your own attorney who will look out for your interests and only your interests as well.

How to Get on the Right Path Toward a Successful Personal Injury Settlement in Indiana

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