How to Prevent Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

There is no denying that Indiana took on a significant amount of snowfall these past two weeks. Right now, businesses, apartment complexes and offices all across the state are coping with and mitigating the inevitable trails of snow, slush, sleet, and ice brought in by foot traffic. So, right now, it is important to ensure that visitors and tenants are reasonably protected against these inclement environments, both indoors and out. Under Indiana’s premise liability laws, businesses and employers have a legal duty of care to do so.

If you are a property owner, continue reading to learn some helpful tips for avoiding winter weather-related slip, trip, and fall accidents, as well as what to do if you are injured on the property of another.

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Winter Safety for Property Owners

It is important to be prepared, first and foremost. Watch the weather reports and keep up with changing conditions. This will allow the property owner or property manager time to plan and arrange the proper maintenance procedures. Keep in mind that freezing ice that melts and then refreezing is dangerous as well and salting should take place quite often.

We all know that snow and ice lead to wet floors. So, it is wise to be prepared with warning signs, dry mops, fans and most importantly constant inspections to look out for dangerous conditions so the dangerous condition may be fixed before people are injured.

If your employees upon inspection see icy or slippery conditions at work, advise them to be sure to immediately notify a supervisor before any accidents can take place and they should remain with the dangerous condition to warn patrons of the store and the employee who found the dangerous condition should send some other employee to advise a supervisor so that the warning signs, dry mops, fans are brought to the where the dangerous condition exists.

Slip and Fall Prevention for Employers and Places of Business

Employers are encouraged to pass around memos, send emails, give out pamphlets, and hang posters to promote optimal workplace safety inspections at all times. Staff training and safety seminars are another effective tool to further protect staff and customers from slip and fall accidents. A proper inspection schedule and inspections training are vital to keeping the premises safe for all who enter the premises.

It is important for businesses to stay on top of wet surfaces and floors, and post Wet Floor signs in areas that have just been mopped and cleaned. Exterior snow and ice removal is another factor that must be reasonably addressed by business owners to ensure their staffs and guests are protected, especially against melting snow and related hazards. Ice-melting salts should be applied after proper snow shoveling and inspections should be performed and documented as being performed.  Moreover, a business and apartment complexes should designate a representative to watch weather reporting services so the property can be made safe for customers before the customers begin arriving and before tenants have to walk on the sidewalks to get to their cars to go to work. 

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