What You Need to Know Before Filing a Neck Injury Claim

If you have suffered from a neck injury due to an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Filing a neck injury claim can seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t need to be. To ensure that you are getting the best outcome possible, there are certain steps and pieces of information that should be taken into consideration before filing a claim.

Having knowledge of the process can help make the entire experience much smoother. Additionally, having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side is key to making sure all parties involved in the case understand their rights and obligations under the law. Continue reading to learn what you need to know before filing a neck injury claim – whether it’s related to whiplash or something else entirely – so that you get the most out of your case.

Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With a Seasoned Neck Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With a Seasoned Neck Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana

Common Types of Serious Neck Injuries

Our neck is a crucial part of our body that supports the head and allows us to move it in different directions. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most vulnerable parts prone to injuries. Neck injuries can range from mild stiffness to severe, life-threatening conditions. Whiplash is one of the most common types of neck injuries caused by sudden, forceful movements that cause the head to snap back and forth.

In contrast, a spinal cord injury can lead to permanent nerve damage and paralysis of the body below the injury level. A broken neck or neck fracture can cause excruciating pain, numbness, and difficulty moving. Moreover, tearing of the tissues in the neck can occur causing permanent injuries. It is essential to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a neck injury to prevent any further damage to the spinal cord, nerves, tissues, and more.

Obtaining a Settlement for a Wrongful Neck Injury

A neck injury can be a serious and life-altering experience. If someone else caused your neck injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages and losses you have suffered from the at fault person’s insurance carrier. In these situations, it is important to understand your rights. You may be able to pursue a neck injury claim and receive a settlement that can help you cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses related to your injury.

However, navigating the legal process can be overwhelming on your own. It is crucial to seek legal guidance from an experienced Indiana personal injury lawyer who can help you document a strong case and fight for the compensation you deserve. Remember, you have the right to pursue justice and hold those responsible for your neck injury accountable.

How to File a Neck Injury Claim

1. Hire an experienced accident attorney – When filing a neck injury claim, it’s important to have evidence of your injury and losses due to the accident. This can include medical records, photographs of the scene of the accident, witness statements, doctor depositions, and other supporting documents. It is also vital to know all laws, deadlines, evidence rules, and procedures that apply. This is why it is vital to hire a trial attorney well-versed in personal injury claims and litigation. You and your attorney will work together in obtaining everything you need to be successful.  

2. Determine Liability – Another important step when filing a neck injury claim is determining who is liable for the accident and your resulting injuries. This means figuring out if someone else’s negligence caused the accident. To do this, you will need help from an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands how to establish liability in these types of cases and what facts are or are not important based upon existing law.

3. File a Claim – Once you and your attorney have gathered all the necessary evidence and determined who is liable, it’s time to actually file your neck injury claim. Your attorney can do this by submitting the documents directly to the responsible party’s insurance company and if the case does not settle for a full and fair amount, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking a jury trial for the jury to determine how the case or claim should be resolved and for how much.

4. Negotiate a Settlement – The most important step in filing a neck injury claim is negotiating a settlement with the other party’s insurer. Most people have insurance to pay for the consequences of their negligent conduct. For at fault parties who are uninsured, most people have uninsured motorist coverage which will pay for the claim if you are injured as a result of a negligent uninsured person. As a result, 99% of the time you are dealing with an insurance company. This process requires patience and negotiation skills and having an experienced personal injury litigator will help make sure that you get the best outcome possible for your case.

In Summary

By following these steps and having the right information before filing a neck injury claim, you can ensure that your case is handled as effectively as possible and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Working with a seasoned personal injury litigator can also make sure that you understand your rights and obligations under the law. If you or someone you know has suffered from a neck injury due to an accident, contact a local attorney today for more information on how to proceed with filing a claim.

It is crucial to protect your rights after experiencing a neck injury due to the fault of another party. Your rights are significant and should be upheld and recognized. Contact Craven, Hoover & Blazek, P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation with an experienced orthopedic injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our law firm represents personal injury victims from all over the state, including Indiana residents injured in other states and visitors from other states injured in Indiana.

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When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

You Should Contact a Personal Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible After An Accident

No one ever expects to be in a wrongful accident, but they unfortunately do happen. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. In such cases, seeking out a personal injury attorney is the best course of action. But when should you contact a personal injury lawyer and what should you expect from the process?

This blog post will provide answers to the question so that when you need help navigating your legal options after an accident, you are better prepared for the process ahead. Continue below to get started.

Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer.
Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer.

When It’s Time to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to note that not every accident requires legal action, it is always best to consult with a personal injury attorney right away. The sooner you contact one, the better. It is also important to seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney as soon as possible for multiple reasons. Some of the most critical reasons include:

▶ The possible defendant’s insurance carrier is obtaining evidence and having your claim reviewed by experienced insurance adjusters and attorneys and you should have an experienced attorney on your side at the same time;

▶ Evidence documenting your claim regarding both liability and damages needs to be obtained and preserved as quickly as possible before it is lost;

▶ As most injured persons are experiencing this for the first time, they need advice and knowledge on how a claim or lawsuit works and what to expect;

▶ There are statutes of limitations that apply. This means that you may be barred from filing a lawsuit against the responsible party if too much time passes between the date of the accident and the date you file your claim. Therefore, it is always best to contact a lawyer sooner rather than later.  Moreover, claims against governmental entities have very short time limitations for filing a “tort claims notice”; and

▶ Defendant insurance claims adjusters will initially seek to appear to be working out the claim with you but make no mistake, their job is to pay as little as possible to you for your claim in the end.  It is important for you to have an experienced attorney working on your behalf to obtain a full and fair settlement for you.

What You Can Expect From Your Accident Claim Lawyer

Once you have decided to contact an accident claim lawyer, there are certain things you should expect during the initial consultation process. First, any experienced personal injury attorney will likely begin by asking you what happened to understand the details of your accident and to determine if you have a valid injury claim. You should expect that your lawyer will ask for all relevant documents, including any police reports or medical records related to the incident. Your lawyer will also want to inquire about witness statements, photos of the accident site, proof of property damage, and other evidence that could help strengthen your case. If you do not have all items, do not worry.  Your attorney will help to obtain the necessary evidence.

Next, after determining that there is sufficient grounds for a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the responsible party’s insurance company, your attorney can then explain the legal process and timeline moving forward. This includes helping you understand what kind of compensation might be available to you through either a settlement or jury award. Your attorney will also negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies in order to obtain the most favorable outcome for you.

Third, a skilled accident lawyer will make sure you understand your rights and obligations throughout the entire process. They can help you navigate any legal challenges that come up and ensure that all paperwork is properly filed in order to move the case along as quickly as possible.

Finally, it is important to note that speaking with an attorney right away does not necessarily mean that you need an attorney for your claim.  You should talk with your potential attorney at your initial meeting and they will help guide you and determine if you need their services or not.  In the end, you lose nothing by speaking with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after you are injured to determine the best course of action to take.

The Bottom Line

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to know that help is available in the form of an Indianapolis personal injury attorney. While there is no specific timeline for when you should contact a lawyer, acting sooner rather than later is always best in order to properly document your case and avoid any potential legal issues. A seasoned lawyer will be able to explain the process step-by-step and provide guidance on navigating the legal system so that you can seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

You need help navigating your injury claim, so make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Contact Craven, Hoover & Blazek, P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury consultation with a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our services cover victims from all over the state, including Indiana residents who were injured in other states and persons from other states injured in Indiana.

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How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of being injured in an accident, but it’s a reality that many people face. If you or someone you love has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to know your rights and get the compensation that you deserve. The only way to do this is by hiring An experienced personal injury litigator who can help protect your interests and represent you in court.

But how do you pick the best lawyer for your case? Here are some tips on choosing the right Indiana personal injury attorney for your situation.

Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With a Civil Litigator in Indianapolis.
Call 317-881-2700 to Speak With a Civil Litigator in Indianapolis.

Top 4 Tips for Finding a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Indiana

1. Look for Someone With Experience: When selecting a personal injury lawyer, it is important to choose one that has experience in personal injury cases. An experienced attorney understands the complexities of the law and knows how to effectively handle your case. They will also be able to advise you on the best course of action and can use their expertise to help you get the best result possible.

2. Research Their Background: Take the time to research a potential personal injury attorney’s background and credentials. Look into their education, certifications, successes in personal injury cases, and any other relevant information that can help you determine if they are qualified to take on your case.

3. Ask Questions: During your initial consultation, take the time to ask questions about their experience and approach to personal injury cases. It is important to understand how they would handle your case and if you feel comfortable with them representing you.

Get Started on Your Case Today

By following these tips, you can be sure that you are hiring the right personal injury lawyer for your case. Remember, an experienced Indiana accident lawyer is an invaluable asset when you are seeking compensation for your injuries. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research to ensure you select a suitable and seasoned accident law firm for your needs. Be sure to also take advantage of a free initial consultation to learn more about your case and the best strategies for recovering an award for your damages.

How to Prepare For Your Initial Personal Injury Case Evaluation

An initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer is an important step for anyone suffering from personal injuries due to another person’s negligence. Fortunately, these are free of charge at Craven, Hoover & Blazek, P.C.  But before going into the consultation, it’s important to have all of the information you need in order to receive a proper case evaluation.

Gather any medical records and bills, photographs ore videos, eyewitness accounts and documentation related to your personal injury as well as any insurance documents that might be relevant. Make sure to also bring along any questions you may have about the personal injury lawsuit process so that your accident lawyer can answer them during the consultation. Preparation is key if you want a successful consultation that yields satisfying results.  You do not have to obtain everything for the first consultation and your attorney will help you and obtain anything needed for your claim.

If you’ve been harmed in an accident, do not wait. When it comes to such matters, timing is critical, so act as soon as possible for the best results. Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. today at 317-881-2700 and schedule a free case evaluation with an accident lawyer in Indianapolis. We represent victims all throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents injured in other states.

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5 Simple Steps to Claiming Compensation For a Personal Injury Accident

If you have been wrongfully injured in an accident, it is important to hire an attorney and have them file an accident claim. Such a claim can help you to recover losses such as medical costs, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. It is within your rights to seek compensation for any damage inflicted due to someone else’s negligence and omitting such a course of action would only disadvantage you further. A personal injury claim will provide a legal platform through which repercussions can be sought, while ensuring justice is served. However, the personal injury legal process can be very confusing for injured victims and families.

To ensure a successful accident claim, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the necessary steps. Continue below to learn the easiest way to file a claim for compensation after a personal injury accident in Indiana.

Call 317-881-2700 When You Need a Personal Injury Law Firm in Indiana.
Call 317-881-2700 When You Need a Personal Injury Law Firm in Indiana.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Just 5 Steps:

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering how to go about claiming compensation. Accident claims can be complex, so it’s important to know what to do if you want to make a claim. Here are five simple steps to help make the process as easy as possible:

1. Gather Evidence: After an accident, whether an auto collision or a slip and fall for example, it is important to document everything. Take photos of the scene, vehicles, what caused you to fall and any injuries you have sustained; collect names and addresses from any witnesses or employees of the business that were involved; and write down all pertinent details about the incident. This evidence can be used in your accident claim to prove that the other party was at fault.

2. Seek Medical Attention: A serious accident can have long-term effects on your health and well-being. Make sure you seek proper medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident, even if it is just for a checkup. This will ensure that any injuries are properly documented and treated.

3. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney: Personal injury law can be complicated, so it is important to contact an Indiana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced accident claim attorney can ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries, as well as provide advice and support throughout the process. Insurance companies for defendants have attorneys on staff and they and the insurance adjusters are working for their side from day one.  It is vitally important for you to hire an attorney right away so your rights are also protected and so your attorney can immediately seek to obtain all relevant information before it disappears.

4. File an Insurance Claim: Your attorney will be able to file an insurance claim with the other party’s insurer for you.

5. Have Your Attorney and You Follow Through on Your Claim: Once you have contacted a personal injury law firm in Indianapolis and your attorney has filed the claim, you should keep track of all developments in the case. Be sure to stay organized, as documents and evidence related to your accident can easily be lost or forgotten over time so please provide anything you have in your possession to your attorney. Make sure you communicate with your attorney regarding where you are obtaining medical care and how your injuries are progressing.  Your attorney will obtain certified medical records and medical bills to provide to the defendant’s insurance carrier.  

By taking these five steps, you can ensure that you are properly compensated for any personal injuries resulting from an accident. With the right legal support and documentation, you can maximize the amount of compensation you receive and ensure that your rights are protected.

Are you searching for a reliable Indiana personal injury attorney who will successfully fight for your rights in any accident case? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation. Our seasoned civil attorneys can meet with you over the phone or computer, or in-person at our Indianapolis personal injury law office. We represent injured persons throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents injured in other states, as well as residents of other states who get injured in Indiana.

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Who is Liable For Stadium Injuries and Accidents?

A stadium injury is a type of personal injury that can occur while attending a sporting event. While most injuries at stadiums are minor, some can be serious and even life-threatening. In this case, liability is a key focus. But who is responsible for stadium accidents and subsequent injuries? Well, it might be the stadium owners, but it might not. The answer depends on several factors that are critical to determining fault in a stadium incident that results in someone getting hurt.

Continue below to learn more about stadium injuries and accidents, including common types, how to avoid them, and who might be liable for an injured fan’s damages.

Stadium Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Stadium Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Common Types of Stadium Injuries and Accidents

The most common types of stadium injuries include slips and falls, being hit by flying objects, and being trampled by crowds. Parking lot accidents are also common, including pedestrian accidents, car collisions, and even muggings and assaults.

Slipping, Tripping and Falling

Slips and falls are the most common type of stadium injury, and they can occur anywhere in the stadium. Wet floors, spilled food and drinks, and uneven surfaces can all lead to slips and falls. These injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious injuries like broken bones and concussions.

Struck By Objects

Being hit by flying objects is another common type of injury that can occur at stadiums. Fans sitting in the stands are at risk of being hit by flying objects like balls, bats, and gloves. These objects can travel at high speeds and can cause serious injuries like concussions, skull fractures, and internal bleeding.

Trampled or Crushed

Being trampled by crowds is another risk for fans attending sporting events. Injuries from being trampled can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious injuries like broken bones, concussions, and internal bleeding.

Liable Parties in a Stadium Accident

A stadium accident can have many liable parties. The most obvious party would be the stadium owner or operator. They are responsible for the safety of the premises and for any accidents that occur on their property. If the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on the property that they knew about or should have reasonably known about, yet failed to do anything about it, they may be held liable.

Another liable party could be the company that designed or built the stadium. If there were any defects in the construction of the stadium, they could be held responsible. Additionally, if the accident was caused by faulty equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment could be held liable.

Finally, if the accident was caused by the negligence of another party, such as a security company, they could also be held liable.

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones at Stadium Games

The best way to avoid being injured at a stadium is to be aware of your surroundings and stay alert. If you are sitting in the stands, pay attention to the game and be aware of where the players are. If you are attending a game with children, keep them close to you.

If you have been injured in a stadium accident in Indiana, seek medical attention right away. After being seen by medical professionals, it is important to speak with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options. An attorney can help you determine who may be held liable for your injuries and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Are you looking for an experienced civil litigation law firm that help you determine the best legal strategy to take after your stadium injury accident? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation with a seasoned accident lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent clients throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents injured in other states.  We do not charge a fee unless we make a recovery for you.

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Will My Personal Injury Claim Take a Long Time?

There are various factors that influence the total timeline of a personal injury case. Some cases may take only a few weeks or months, while others might take two years or more if a person sustains substantial and on-going injuries and problems. Consult with an experienced accident attorney to understand the elements of your case and the predicted length of time it will take.

For now, continue below to learn more about how long personal injury claims take and where to get trusted legal advice surrounding your accident case concerns.

Injury Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Injury Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Complex Personal Injury Cases Take Longer to Settle

You can roughly get a feel for the amount of time it will likely take for your claim to settle by the complexity of the case. The more complex the case, the more difficult it will be to adjudicate, which delays the settlement phase even longer. This is especially true for cases that go to trial.

Certain Liable Parties Can Attempt to Delay a Personal Injury Case

Another factor that can extend the timeline of a personal injury case is the type of liable party, or parties. If the liable party, or defendant, is a company, corporation, or government entity, or if there are multiple liable parties (defendants) in a case, the process can take longer.

Proving Negligence and Extent of Damages Can Take Time

As a claimant in a personal injury case, you hold the burden of proving that the opposing party is at fault for your accident and subsequent damages. Your Indiana personal injury lawyer will document a strong and impactful case to prove that the opposing party breached their duty of care, or was otherwise negligent, and as a direct result, caused your accident and damages. In addition to proving negligence, your team will need to prove your damages to support reasonable compensation.

To gather all the relevant evidence needed to prove your case, your lawyer may need to hire expert witnesses, forensic specialists, accounting experts, and accident reconstruction services, or prepare witnesses, including yourself. These needs add to the overall time it takes to reach a settlement or verdict.

How Long Care is Needed

The longer an injured person needs to obtain treatments, the longer it will take the case to resolve.  This is because it takes some time for doctors to determine if a person’s injuries are permanent or not.  If an injured person’s injuries are permanent and will last a lifetime, then obviously that would need to be taken into account when attempting to determine a full and fair settlement value for the case.

Insurance Companies Might Require Legal Representation

In some cases, insurance companies require claimants to acquire legal representation for their claim. If the claimant is hospitalized or comatose for several weeks after a catastrophic accident, they are not capable of retaining a lawyer for the purpose of pursing an injury claim. This scenario would increase the expected timeline of the case.

Refusing to Accept a Settlement Offer Will Extend Negotiations

It is important to trust your personal injury lawyer with their evaluation of your case. If you refuse every settlement offer you get, you can expect the process to take longer. You can feel confident in accepting an offer that your attorney agrees is full and fair and the attorney should explain to you why they believe the offer is fair.  If an offer is not fair, your attorney should also explain to you why that is their opinion.

The best way to avoid extending the timeline of an injury claim is to hire the right attorney to represent your case. Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation, today. We represent clients throughout the state, plus Indiana residents injured in other states.

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Information About Herniated Disc Injury Settlements

Back and spinal injuries are serious, as they tend to result in higher levels of pain and longer periods of recovery. Herniated discs are a type of spinal cord injury that can impose a series of damages and challenges in a victim’s life, and his or her family’s life. If you are a victim of a personal injury accident that caused you to suffer from a herniated disc, it is important to acquire all evidence to obtain the justice you deserve.

Continue below to learn important information about herniated disc injuries and accident settlements, plus where to get trusted personal injury legal advice near you.

Back and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700
Back and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700

Herniated Disc Injuries

As a spinal cord injury, herniated discs are painful and challenging to rehabilitate. Also called ruptured discs, herniated discs cause patients to experience high levels of immobility, pain, stress, and exhaustion. Sometimes such accidents are so serious, they completely disable a person.

Needless to say, herniated disc injuries cause victims to experience a lot of hardships and distress. Not only do they usually lose time at work and the ability to care for their children, family, or dependents, but they are also forced to miss out on important events in life, suffer through painful physical therapy, surgeries, injections, etc…, spend a lot of out-of-pocket money for related expenses, and much more. To make matters worse, ruptured discs tend to take a long time to heal, often several months or even years and sometimes they cannot even be operated on.

Herniated disc injuries require extensive treatment, which usually involves diagnostic testing, physical therapy, steroid injections, and medications like NSAIDS, narcotics, and muscle relaxers. In many cases, surgery is necessary to remove a part of the bone around the injured disc, known as a laminectomy, which relieves some pressure. In more serious cases, patients may need to have the entire disc removed (discectomy), an artificial disc installed, or spinal fusion surgery, which aims to stabilize the spine by fusing two or more vertebrae.

Personal Injury Damages

As a wrongfully injured victim suffering from any type of spinal cord, back, or neck injury, you will learn just how quickly all these expenses add up. Expenses include, but are not limited to:

▶ Lost Income From Missing Work
▶ Medicines and Medicinal Treatment
▶ Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
▶ Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation
▶ Medical Equipment (Crutches, Braces, Wheelchair, etc.)

Ruptured Disc Injuries Can Show Up Later

A delayed onset of injury is very common among herniated disc patients, who often times do not experience any symptoms right away. That is because the pain can arise during periods of activity or movement, then fade during times of rest. As a result, sufferers initially tend to think they are not really injured as bad as they are. But as time goes on, the symptoms become stronger and more persistent.

Pain, tightness, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and burning sensations can and sometimes appear gradually after someone is in an accident that causes a herniation in the back or neck. These are the most common symptoms of a ruptured disc. Common accidents that cause herniated discs are auto accidents, construction accidents, and slip/fall accidents.

Would you like to learn how you can bring about a successful claim against the party that caused your herniated disc injuries? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a no-risk, no-fee consultation with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent clients all throughout the state, and there is no need to travel. We can hold case evaluations via phone or online video conference.

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What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Claims 

Spring is in full swing, which means an increased opportunity for outdoor fun. Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, roller blades, and more are all traditional springtime activities for adults, teens, and kids alike. It is a fun and healthy recreational pastime that allows us to get outdoors, spend time with our loved ones, and enjoy the nice weather. Unfortunately, bicycle safety is pushed under the rug all too often, and because of this, accidents happen. Even when safety is properly considered, there are incidents that can take place out of our control. For this reason, all cyclers bike enthusiasts should know their rights if injured on a bicycle at no fault of their own.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about filing a bicycle accident personal injury claim in Indiana after being wrongfully injured on your bike.

Bicycle Accident Claims Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Bicycle Accident Claims Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Indianapolis Bicycle Accident Causes and Common Injuries

There are two main types of bicycle accidents that result from negligence outside of a rider’s control: motor vehicles and bicycle defects. If a car, truck, or product defect causes an accident that results in a rider’s injury, liability falls on them, not the rider. Both situations can lead to serious personal injuries to a cyclist.

Several serious injuries can result from bicycle accidents, such as brain damage, traumatic brain injuries, comas, concussions, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and even death. These injuries can be life-threatening or permanent in severe situations. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), from the years 1932 to 2008, more than 50,000 bicycle-related deaths occurred.

These alarming statistics do not even include injuries and deaths sustained from bicycle defects. According to the same statistics, in the year 2008 alone, more than 50,000 cyclists were injured in negligent traffic accidents.  The most devastating truth among these statistics is that in 2008, 13% of bicycle accident fatalities were children. Bicycle safety is something everyone needs to take seriously. We can stop these accidents from taking place with responsible driving and education at a young age.

Defective Bicycles

As for product defects and bicycles, there is not much we can do to stop these unfortunate and unforeseen incidents from happening. We can only hope and trust that bicycle manufacturers are working hard at preventing problems with their products and doing their best to improve their product’s safety value. The most common defects seen in bicycle accidents include problems with bolts, screws, composite forks, aluminum frames, and similar components.

Making an Injury Claim After a Bicycle Accident

In the case that a person is seriously injured in a bicycle accident as a result of another driver’s carelessness or bike defect, it is crucial to contact a bicycle accident personal injury attorney immediately. All states have a statute of limitations that set forth how long a victim, or their family, has to file a personal injury claim. Once this time frame runs out, a victim can no longer lawfully sue for full and fair compensation.

A licensed Indiana personal injury lawyer can help victims of bicycle accidents obtain compensation for their damages, such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, hospital bills, prolonged rehabilitation, lost wages, time of work, and much more. Licensed accident attorneys with extensive experience and knowledge will try to negotiate and settle out of court for their clients if possible. Be sure to choose a law firm that has your best interests at heart and in mind.

Were you recently injured in a wrongful bicycle accident in Indiana? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to meet with a seasoned Indianapolis Indiana personal injury lawyer you can trust to recover the settlement you deserve. We represent victims all throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents injured in other states.

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Does My Accident Give Me a Civil Cause of Action?

After being hurt in a wrongful accident, you may be wondering if you can recover compensation in the form of an injury-based insurance claim or lawsuit against the negligent party responsible. Continue reading to learn when a personal injury accident might give cause to a civil action, plus how to determine your own eligibility for bringing about a claim or complaint against an at-fault party in Indiana.

Personal Injury Civil Litigation Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Personal Injury Civil Litigation Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Wrongfully Injured Victims Deserve Financial Justice

If you are wrongly injured in an accident that was caused by another person, entity, or product, there is no doubt that you deserve to be financially compensated for your damages and losses. Damages include things like medical expenses and hospital bills, as well as lost wages from missing work, fuel used to travel to and from doctors’ appointments, prolonged physical therapy, partial or permanent disability, pain, suffering, reduced quality of life, and much more.

However, there are a few factors to consider as a personal injury accident victim before making the decision to move forward with legal action against an at-fault party.

Ask yourself about the severity of your injuries. Are you severely injured? Are you moderately injured? Are your injuries proving to be long-lasting or impactful to the quality of your life?

You also want to ask if some of your damages and losses have already been paid for. Did insurance or someone else already cover the past, current, and future expenses incurred as personal injury victim?  Are you required to reimburse your insurance carrier out of any settlement or judgment with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier.

Lastly, you must ask yourself how strong your case is. Are you the victim of a wrongful accident? Can you provide proof and evidence that you have incurred compensatory losses as a direct result of the accident?

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Indiana can help you answer and evaluate these questions and many more.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Confirming personal injury case eligibility is not so cut and dry. Although the accident might not have been your fault, there are different requirements and stipulations that may impact your case’s strength. For instance, most accident victims have two years under Indiana statutes of limitations to bring about a claim or lawsuit against an at-fault party. If you have waited longer than the state statute of limitations, which may be shorter or longer than two years depending on the type of accident you are in, you may have forfeited your right to do so.

For these reasons and more, it is critical to consult with a licensed Indiana personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident so that you may learn exactly which damages and losses you have incurred as an accident victim, plus whether or not you have a valid or strong case for civil action.

Are you looking for a qualified Indiana personal injury law firm to represent you in your recent accident? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a no-risk, no-fee personal injury evaluation to explore your eligibility, today. We represent clients all throughout the state of Indiana.

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Is it Affordable to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

When a person is wrongfully injured in an accident, life can abruptly change for them and their loved ones. Being wrongfully and seriously hurt by another’s negligence is traumatic, overwhelming, painful, challenging, frustrating, and even depressing. When tragedies like this strike, victims need a reputable personal injury attorney on their side who will fight for their rights to a full and fair accident settlement check. Unfortunately, many people choose to not pursue a lawsuit or claim against negligent parties because they believe they cannot afford proper legal counsel. This is not the case.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about the costs associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer, plus where to find compassionate and great legal representation in Indiana.

Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700
Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

Personal Injury Legal Services are Affordable For Everyone

When someone is seriously hurt in an accident because of another person or entity’s negligence, they are entitled to compensation for their damages. When a victim has less fault in an accident they were injured in than the party who caused the accident and acted negligently, an Indianapolis personal injury law firm can prove in a court of law that the victim is owed fair remuneration for the damages. When it comes to paying for an attorney to represent you in a personal injury claim, you don’t have to worry about upfront fees or costs.

Accident Lawyer Fees are Contingent

Most personal injury firms do not collect attorney fees unless they recover a settlement or verdict for you in your case. So, their payment is contingent on whether they are successful with your case. Such lawyer fees are referred to as contingency fees. Firms that use this payment model generally offer free initial consultations, allowing them to discuss a victim’s case without obligating the potential client to pay out of pocket.

Upon consulting, a personal injury lawyer will assess a victim’s claim and determine if they are eligible to pursue legal action and recover compensation through a settlement or verdict. If they believe their client is entitled to recompense, they will take on their case and represent them for free until they can win them full and fair compensation for their damages.

Common Personal Injury Claim Damages

Damages to be recovered in a personal injury case can vary depending on the nature of the accident, type of injury, extent of injury, and many other factors. However, common personal injury damages awarded to victims and survivors of wrongfully killed victims include lost wages, medical expenses, hospital bills, pain, suffering, mental anguish, prolonged rehabilitation, loss of consortium, and much more. An Indiana personal injury attorney can make it simple for victims to pursue an accident claim or lawsuit, without the injured client risking thousands of their own dollars in pursuing and proving the case.  We at Craven, Hoover & Blazek, P.C. will pay for the investigation of the case, pay for medical records, photos, videos, doctor reports, depositions, etc… and then when the case is resolved, we simply get reimbursed for those expenses. 

How to Get Started

If you have asked yourself if you can afford an Indianapolis IN accident lawyer, the answer is, “yes!” Anyone, no matter their level of income, cash availability, or savings, can afford a personal injury attorney if they have a valid claim and case. They can even have their claim examined by a licensed attorney for free, to determine if they have a valid claim. All you must do is find a trusted Indiana law firm specializing in personal injury cases and contact them for a free case evaluation.

Are you looking for a skilled and qualified personal injury lawyer to represent you in your Indiana-based accident claim? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule your free case review with a licensed accident attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent clients throughout the State of Indiana. Our personal injury attorneys can hold consultations over phone or video, or in person at our office.  We represent injured persons and the survivors of those wrongfully killed throughout the state of Indiana.

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