Difference Between Third Party Lawsuits and Worker’s Compensation Claims

Third-party lawsuits often involve workplace accidents and injury claims, but they are different from workers’ compensation claims. If an employee is injured on the job, but by a person or company outside of the workplace, this employee might pursue a claim against this “third party.” A quick example involves a truck driver being hit by a drunk driver while on the job. Not only can this truck driver collect workers’ compensation benefits, they can pursue a third-party lawsuit against the drunk driver that hit them. Third party claims help victims recover the full and fair compensation they rightfully deserve following a negligent accident that was no fault of their own.

Continue reading to learn more facts you need to know about workplace injury claims, third party lawsuits, and protecting your rights as an injured victim.

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Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Workplace injury claims are turned over to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana, while third-party lawsuits are addressed in state civil courts. To establish an opposing party’s accountability, a personal injury lawyer should be hired to facilitate a full and comprehensive investigation to collect evidence of such negligence. It is important to hire a licensed personal injury lawyer for these kinds of claims and lawsuits. They retain the effective legal resources and knowledge to document a strong case against an opposing negligent party. Be sure to choose a personal injury attorney with extensive litigation and trial experience in the case that your claim cannot be settled out of court. If a third party lawsuit cannot be settled outside of court, it must be decided upon by a judge or jury.

Here are additional examples of possible third-party lawsuit scenarios:

If a worker slips on wet floor and injures themselves, they can collect workers’ compensation. If the floor was wet because the cleaning company failed to properly dry it, the worker can also pursue a claim against the cleaning company.  The settlement would be with their insurance company.

If a man injures his hand in factory machinery, he can collect workers’ comp. If the injury occurred because the machine’s design was flawed or defective in some way, he may also sue the machine’s manufacturer. The settlement would be with their insurance company.

If a dog gets loose from its owner’s grasp and attacks a housekeeper in a hotel, the housekeeper can collect workplace compensation, but can also pursue remuneration from the dog’s owner. The settlement would be with their insurance company.

If you were recently injured at work or anywhere else, contact a seasoned lawyer right away. Be sure to act fast, before the statute of limitations runs out on your claim and before evidence is lost, leaving you ineligible to pursue recompense for your damages.

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