Possible Liable Parties in a Self-Driving Car Accident

Decades ago, self-driving cars were merely a fantasy often depicted in some of our favorite throwback movies and TV shows, like Total Recall, Timecop, Herbie, The Fifth Element, and Christine. Yet today, they are a real thing. You may have seen one or two autonomous vehicles powered by Siri or Google in your community or downtown technology district. You may have already ridden in one. But like virtually all new technological innovations, there are bound to be some stumbling blocks. After all, self-driving vehicles are still a brand-new means of transportation in society. So, how safe are self-driving cars? That is hard to say. What can be said is, self-driving car accidents do happen. And when they do, pinpointing the liable party can be tricky since there are multiple possibilities.

Continue below to review some of the more likely responsible parties in a self-driving motor vehicle accident, plus where to get trusted legal advice after being wrongfully injured by an autonomous car or negligent driver in Indiana.

Self Driving Car Accident Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700
Self Driving Car Accident Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700

Autonomous Vehicle Accidents and Liability

When it comes to self-driving car accidents, the most common liable parties include the human operator, technology company, automaker, government, or a third party. It is possible for more than one of these parties to be responsible for any damages suffered by a passenger or driver of an autonomous vehicle.

The Operator of the Vehicle

Self-driving cars are not fully autonomous; they still require a human supervisor or operator. It is very possible for the operator of the autonomous vehicle to be responsible for a car accident. Whether driving or on autopilot, if an operator of a self-driving vehicle is reckless or negligent during the ride, and as a result an accident happens, it could be their fault.

The Technology Company or Vehicle Manufacturer

There is a company that made the actual vehicle, then there is the company that made the technology possible. If a self-driving car accident occurs because the technology company was negligent in some way. For instance, if they did not properly test the vehicle before releasing it or resolve a significant microchip defect in the autonomous technology, they could be held liable for an injured victim’s damages and more.

The automaker of the vehicle might be responsible for a self-driving car collision or accident if there is a defect in the car’s assembly, design, or advertising that directly caused the accident and subsequent damages.

Government Agency

In rare cases, a government agency can be liable for a self-driving vehicle accident. This might happen if an autonomous car accident occurs as a result of inadequate safety testing, safety rules, and fundamental regulations, or due to a serious roadway defect.

Third Parties

Third parties that might be responsible for a self-driving car accident include drunk drivers, reckless drivers, negligent commercial truck drivers, or a business that fails to maintain a safe parking lot.

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