How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Decide to Take a Case?

There are several factors that accident attorneys consider when they decide to take on a new client or not. If you are a recent accident victim who was seriously injured as a result of another’s negligence, you should learn your eligibility for pursing legal action against the at-fault party.

Continue below to review some of the basic factors that accident lawyers may consider when making the decision to take on a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Do Deny Cases

Personal injury lawyers do not take on all cases that come to them. There are many reasons why that is, and ways you can help document your accident claim. The most common reasons why cases are denied is lack of merit, or because the time limit for filing a claim has run out. This time limit is known as statutes of limitations, and for personal injury claims, it is an average of 2 years.

Additional factors that might influence an attorney’s decision to take on an accident case or to work with another attorney on your case include:

> Lawyer’s Specialties – Sometimes, a personal injury lawyer specializes in certain types of accident cases. If your case does not fall within their realm of expertise, they may refer you to a lawyer who is more well-versed or experienced in the particular kind of accident you were involved in or they may work in conjunction with another attorney.

> Out of State Cases – People are sometimes involved in automobile collisions or slip and falls that occur outside the state they live in.  When this occurs, a law firm will sometimes hire a local law firm where the incident occurred since that is the law that would apply to the case and where any lawsuit would need to be filed, if necessary.  The law firm in the state where the injured persons resides would usually handle obtaining all the medical bills and records since that is where any treatment would occur.  In these situations, the law firms split any attorney fees on the case since they are splitting the work and in any event, the client is only charged one fee and is not charged any more because two law firms are necessary.

> Hard-to-Win Cases – Some cases pose too many challenges, making them too hard to win. Examples include cases in which the victim is probably more than 50% at-fault, failed to get proper medical treatment and/or has demonstrated actions or circumstances that question their credibility.

> Case Size and Load – In some instances, some cases are really big and complicated and the law firm does not retain the adequate resources and capital to obtain a successful outcome.  In these situations, the attorney can work in conjunction with another law firm that does have more resources and capital to obtain a full and fair settlement or judgment for a client.

Tips for Supporting the Strength of Your Accident Claim:

☑ Seek Medical Treatment and Follow All Doctors’ Orders as Much as Possible

☑ Keep All Possible Evidence (Documentation, Paperwork, Photos, Video, Witness Info, etc.)

☑ Meet With an Experienced Accident Lawyer

☑ Be 100% Honest With the Accident Lawyer

☑ Let Your Personal Injury Lawyer Take the Lead on Your Case

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