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Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our medical malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis are highly accomplished and experienced personal injury litigators. If you or a loved one has recently suffered injuries as a result of a medical professional, organization, or facility, you may be entitled to generous compensation. Medical malpractice lawsuits are a serious matter that requires expert legal counsel and action. The sooner a victim of medical malpractice takes action, the more likely they are to succeed in defending their rights. Medical professionals are responsible for providing safe and accurate medical care. If doctors and medical staffs ever fail in providing this degree of safe and effective medical attention, they need to be held accountable. Serious and even fatal accidents can occur from botched medical care and malpractice; which is why we are here. The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. is dedicated to redeeming all victims of medical malpractice in Indiana by recovering ample and full compensation for their injuries or loss. We work hard to recover compensation for all medical malpractice accidents and injuries we represent, including:
  • Surgical Malpractice
  • Dental Malpractice
  • Administrative Negligence (Insufficient Staffing, Poor Training, etc.)
  • Nursing Error
  • Emergency Room Malpractice
  • Chiropractic Malpractice
  • Pharmacist Error
  • Pediatric Negligence
  • OB/GYN Malpractice
  • And More
Medical professionals and organizations have a strict responsibility to provide accurate and proficient care in all aspects. If they fail to do so, our Indianapolis medical malpractice attorneys are here to hold them accountable in a court of law. We are extensively experienced in representing clients in all issues pertaining to injuries suffered through the negligence of a medical professional. We use a variety of effective methods and agendas that allow us to plan a strong and solid medical malpractice lawsuit for our clients. We secure all relevant documentation and records; such as police reports, medical charts, medical records, witness statements, and all existing evidence. We also secure expert testimonies and evaluations to back our case up with facts and more evidence.

Expert testimony and evaluation is vital to a medical malpractice claim because it demonstrates exactly what the medical care standard is and what actions would have been carried out by another medical professional. We either file suit, or proceed with out-of-court negotiations. Our medical malpractice lawyers will fervently negotiate in order to recover a full and fair compensation settlement that is rightfully deserved. If a settlement is not agreed upon, we will take the case to court and present it to a jury and judge. We believe that fair compensation should reflect the full extent of a client’s economic and personal loss. Contact us today at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with a licensed Indiana medical malpractice attorney for reputable guidance and advice for your case.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims are complicated, tedious, and troubling. Fortunately, our medical malpractice injury attorneys stand by your side throughout the entire legal process. We offer support, guidance, resources, and much more to ensure our clients are comfortable and recovering well from their injuries. We are there every step of the way; fighting to protect your rights and win you the fair and full compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at the hands of a medical practitioner or facility, you have rights to compensation. The personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. can get you the recompense that is owed to you. We are eager to protect your legal interests, hold guilty parties accountable for their negligence, and obtain payment to ensure a healthy and comfortable recovery. Contact us today at 317-881-2700 for information about medical malpractice claims in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding cities.

The medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. operate on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge or collect attorney fees unless we recover compensation for our clients. This allows anyone with a medical malpractice claim to obtain reputable, effective, and professional legal counsel that they could otherwise not afford. We operate this way because we truly believe that all accident victims should have an opportunity to defend their rights, legally. We are a strong voice for our clients and fight hard to protect their rights. We obtain compensation for medical malpractice damages that include:
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Bills
  • Wrongful Death
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Ability to Work
  • Mental Anguish
  • Trauma
  • Behavioral Difficulties
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Long-Term Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Exemplary Damages
  • And Much More
The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. provides medical malpractice attorney services for all cities and counties within Indiana; including Shelbyville, Mooresville, Martinsville, Bloomington, Greenwood, Columbus, Beech Grove, Franklin, Greensburg, and additional cities just outside Indiana. We also offer Spanish speaking staffs. Contact us today at 317-881-2700 to get started taking action in a medical malpractice claim in Indianapolis, IN.