What to Do if Your Child Was Injured Because Another Adult Was Negligent

Children are on a continuous learning curve, as they have new and curious experiences every day. For this reason, children of all ages require adequate supervision at all times; this is especially critical in younger stages of life when kids are at a much higher risk of being injured in accidents. When such injuries and accidents occur as a result of an adult’s negligence, it could very well be considered grounds for a negligent supervision claim under tort law.

If your child was recently injured because another adult was negligent, reckless, or otherwise careless, continue reading to learn your rights for pursuing legal action against them for the sake of recovering from the at-fault party’s insurance carrier the full and fair compensation they deserve for their damages and losses.

Indianapolis IN Child Injury Attorneys 317-881-2700
Indianapolis IN Child Injury Attorneys 317-881-2700

Negligent Supervision and Child Injury Claims

It is impossible for parents to be with their children all hours of the day, every single day, 365 days a year. For the sake of having a career and a social life, parents commonly entrust their children to the care of babysitters, daycare providers, schools, family and relatives, and similar sources of childcare. So, when accidents happen to children while in the custody of an entrusted caregiver, the question of negligence is a common occurrence; especially when a child’s injuries lead to significant damages and losses in the child’s and family’s life, including hospital bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages for missing work, and much more.

Inadequately or not providing supervision for a child that is ultimately injured in their care places a person at fault in a negligent supervision lawsuit. Caregivers, whether professional or non-professional, take on a legal duty of care when they accept responsibility for watching a child. They must uphold this duty of care by ensuring that the child is safe and protected from any foreseeable hazards in their surrounding environment.

An example of negligent supervision would be if a child drowns in a swimming pool while being babysat. Another example of negligent supervision would be if a child suffocates from swallowing a toy at daycare. Both of these instances hypothetically occur because the child wasn’t being properly monitored and supervised while in the care of a sitter or daycare employee. In any case of negligent supervision, a caregiver breaches their duty of reasonable care for a child, thus resulting in a child sustaining serious injuries or even dying.

Most Common Types of Child Injury Cases:

▷ Swimming Pool/Drowning Accidents
▷ Falls From Heights
▷ Defective Toy/Playground Accidents
▷ Dog Bites/Attacks
▷ Household Poisoning Incidents
▷ Firearm/Gun Incident

Indiana Child Accident Lawyers

If your child was injured while in the care of another adult, and it occurred because that adult was careless or reckless in some way or another, it is important that you contact in Indiana Child accident lawyer right away. There is a statute of limitations that restricts how long you have to file a claim against an at fault party in order to recover compensation for your damages and losses. Aside from the statutes of limitations for your personal injury claim, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible before evidence is lost for the case.

Not sure which personal injury law firm to trust with your child injury claim? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to speak with an expert child injury accident attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We represent the families of injured children, the child, and the families of children who are deceased as a result of the negligence of another throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents who are injured in other states.

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