What to Do After Being Injured By a Garbage Truck in Your Neighborhood

Although garbage trucks are an essential asset, especially for heavily-populated and crowded areas like residential neighborhoods, they can also pose several dangers. Being struck by a garage truck can cause severe injuries, and even death. Any type of large service truck can be dangerous to pedestrians and drivers alike, but garbage trucks are slightly more hazardous given their massive size and weight.

Since they are designed to hold large amounts of garbage, they are even heavier than the average service truck. As a result of the enormous size and power of a garbage truck, anyone injured by one, whether on foot or in a car, will likely suffer serious harm. For this reason, the law provides financial relief for garbage truck accident victims.

Continue reading to learn what you should do after you or a loved one is injured by a garbage truck in your neighborhood.

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Garbage Truck Accidents

As you can imagine, garbage truck accidents happen for the same reasons any kind of car accident situation happens. Generally, distracted driving tops the list of most common causes, while additional causes include intoxicated driving, blind spots, negligent truck maintenance, unqualified industry drivers, inclement weather, and more. Furthermore, because garbage trucks stop and go on their routes, it makes it more difficult to predict their next move. This puts pedestrians especially at risk.

Common Garbage Truck Blind Spots:

☑ Directly in Front
☑ Directly Behind
☑ Rear Driver’s Side Window
☑ Right Side of the Cabin

Your Next Steps Following a Garbage Truck Accident

As soon as you are injured in a garbage truck accident, your first priority is to contact local authorities for medical attention and to file a police report. If you, or someone else with you, can photograph and document the scene of the accident, this would be your next priority. In addition to documenting the scene of the accident, be sure to collect all relative information. See our blog, “What Kind of Evidence Should I Collect After a Car Accident?” to learn what you need to ask for.

Once you are medically stable and have collected evidence, including witness statements and contact information, the garbage truck driver’s information, and more, you are ready to move forward with additional medical evaluations. See your doctor as soon as possible to receive treatment and undergo a full assessment of your injuries.

After you have seen the doctor, be sure to follow all instructions and keep all documents as evidence for your case. You should hire a licensed personal injury lawyer to represent your garbage truck accident claim as soon as you have obtained needed medical care. If the driver is proven negligent, you are entitled to compensation for your hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

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