What is Maximum Medical Improvement in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

In a past blog, we discussed a legal principle under workers’ compensation law called Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). Continue below to learn what maximum medical improvement means in a workplace injury case, and what you need to know about recovering from a serious injury after being hurt in an accident while working for your employer.

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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

When a worker is injured in a workplace accident, they often end up involved in a workers’ compensation insurance claim. Whether the accident was their fault or not, in most cases, an injured worker will be entitled to compensation for their damages and losses. However, the legal procedures that are involved in personal injury compensation cases are quite specific, and one will only receive such benefits under certain circumstances, and to certain extents.

Injured workers, depending on the scope and seriousness of their injuries and losses, will be entitled to certain types of benefits, such as Temporary Total, Temporary Partial, Permanent Total Disability (PTD), and Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI). See our blog, “What Benefits Can I Get For My Workplace Injury Claim in Indiana?” for a brief explanation of each type of benefit. In Indiana, injured workers can receive benefits for hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disability, wrongful death, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, gas mileage for doctor appointments, and much more.

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) comes into play when an injured employee is awarded such benefits. In many cases, an injured victim receiving temporary total or partial benefits will only receive their benefits until they are diagnosed as fully-healed or as fully-healed as they are going to get by a licensed physician. This is referred to as Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), which describes a patient that has reached their optimal recovery point, and no further improvement is possible. Keep in mind that MMI does not translate to healed. It simply means that no further treatment will improve their condition. Once a worker reaches full improvement, their doctor will assign a disability rating, which denotes their work limitations.

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