Recurrent Types of Commercial Trucker Safety Violations

Like any other driver on the road, commercial truck drivers are subject to being ticketed for traffic and safety violations. In more serious cases, commercial truckers are ordered to refrain from driving until such violations are addressed in accordance with local and state law.

It is important for law enforcement to hold industry truck drivers strictly accountable for violating safety protocols and regulations while operating a big rig or commercial truck because such trucks pose a higher level of threat to other vehicles, pedestrians, and properties; and not just due to their size, but also the quantity of momentum gained while operating at high speeds. Essentially, semi-trucks and similar commercial vehicles are like multi-ton missiles and tanks out on the road.

Continue below to learn more about the recurrent types of commercial trucker safety violations and better protect yourself from negligent trucker accidents.

Truck Accident Lawyers Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Truck Accident Lawyers Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Regulation in the United States:

Although it is fairly common for commercial truckers to violate important traffic and safety codes on the road, there are systems in place to abate and create awareness for trucking safety. For instance, the Indiana State Police has an entirely separate department that is solely responsible for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) law enforcement.

Additionally, the United States trucking industry in whole is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA performs routine inspections on all trucking companies and operators in the country, plus aggressively seeks grievances and criticism about truck safety issues in local communities and cities. They also maintain an active website that offers a National Consumer Complaint Database portal for submitting complaints about unsafe truck drivers in your area.

If you have observed unsafe commercial truckers in your community, you can report your concerns free of charge to the FMCSA database, or you may contact 911 if you see a reckless driver or unsafe truck on the road.

Common Commercial Trucker Safety Violations to Watch Out For

The most common causes for truck accidents involves driver-error. One of the most frequent mistakes trucking companies make is setting unrealistic or arduous deadlines, causing truck driver fatigue, speeding and other short-cuts. Another cause for truck driver accidents involves improper training. When a trucking company fails to properly train their truck drivers through a professional trucking course, it can lead to dangerous driver errors that jeopardize the safety of the drive themselves, as well as others around them. Inadequate truck inspections, unbalanced cargo, overloaded cargo, hazardous chemical leaks, and lack of safety maintenance are other common reasons why commercial truckers cause accidents.

More specifically, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial truckers and trucking companies in the United States are most often cited for the following types of safety violations:

◈ Speeding or Swerving Through Lanes
◈ Tailgating Behind Other Vehicles
◈ Changing Lanes Incorrectly or Unsafely
◈ Making Improper or Illegal Turns
◈ Failing to Yield to the Right of Way
◈ Violating Railroad Grade Crossings
◈ Disobeying Traffic Lights and Signs
◈ Reckless or Careless Driving
◈ Using a Handheld Phone While Driving
◈ Driving While Impaired

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