Is it Better to Settle an Accident Claim Out of Court in Indiana?

There is a reason why most personal injury lawsuits are settled before ever having to go to trial. In fact, there is more than one reason why. Not only are trials very expensive, they can be extremely stressful and even more unpredictable in terms of liability and damages. Also, trials are not private, and they can sometimes last for years. In most cases, especially for minor accidents and injuries, settling out of court is quicker, cheaper, and less risky.

However, this does not mean that all injury claims are better settled out of court. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, a trial is the better, or necessary, route to take. It is important to discuss the recommended strategy for your personal injury claim with an experienced accident lawyer who can provide experience based knowledge for what’s best for your case.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages to settling an accident claim out of court, as well as, how to get started on your personal injury claim.

Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys 317-881-2700
Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys 317-881-2700

Going to Court is Never the Cheaper Course of Action

Trials are expensive. And although your personal injury lawyer probably works on a contingency-fee basis, it is still something that can still hold back your final settlement after you receive your compensation. In most contingency-fee arrangements, the attorney receives 33% of any pre-trial settlement and then 40% of any compensation awarded once the trial begins. The client then receives the remainder after any expenses and subrogation or lien claims are paid. Not all contingency arrangements are done this way although the vast majority are; it differs among law firms.  By avoiding court, the plaintiff can avoid paying high expenses in having to pay expert witnesses when going to court.

As for defendants, there is no contingency-fee basis. In almost all cases, the defendant’s insurance company must hire a lawyer who gets paid by the hour or the defendant’s attorney is an employee of the insurance company.

Trials Can Be Stressful and Cumbersome

Not just the trial itself, but the weeks leading up to the trial can also be very stressful for a person and their loved ones. Both the plaintiff and the defendant can be subjected to invasive examinations and cross-examinations, and in a public arena.

Trial Outcomes Cannot Always Be Well Predicted 

Although today’s legal system is set up in a way that takes surprises out of the trial process, they can still pose a long list of potential unexpected occurrences that influence the final outcome of a settlement. For instance, key evidence may be excluded from trial by the judge, new testimony can come out on the witness stand, key witnesses may sound unreliable or not show up at trial, and more.

Aside from all these potential unpredictable possibilities, the amount of compensation recovered is up to the jury. This means a plaintiff can be awarded much more or much less than the parties expected. Out of court, the plaintiff party and the defendant party have control over the negotiation of recompense.

What to Do as an Accident Victim in Indiana

If you or someone you loved has been hurt in a serious accident as a result of negligence by a company, person, or entity, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Get started on a path to justice and full and fair compensation, right now. Call an experienced Indianapolis personal injury law firm to speak to a legal representative about your recent injury or accident.

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