Facts About Indiana Bus Accident Law

Since all buses operate as a business that provide transportation services to the general public, all regulations governing bus accidents fall under an area of law known as common carrier law. A common carrier can be defined as any public or private business (or individual) that transports people, goods, or services in exchange for a fee. This includes taxi cabs, limousines, trains, trolleys, ferries, cruise ships, airplanes, and of course, buses. According to the Interstate Commerce Act, common carriers have a higher legal responsibility, or duty of care, which means they have more liability in the case of an accident. In fact, common carrier accidents come with a special set of rules in comparison to standard motor vehicle accidents.

Continue reading to learn more pertinent facts surrounding state and federal bus accident law, as well as, where to get professional and personalized advice after being negligently injured on a common carrier.

Indianapolis Bus Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700
Indianapolis Bus Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

Common Carrier Laws

Depending on where common carriers are traveling, they are governed on a local, state, and federal level. The federal government regulates common carriers that provide transportation to passengers or goods across state lines under the Interstate Commerce Act. Local and state governments regulate transportation services that take place within state lines.

The law places the highest degree of care on common carriers. If a common carrier fails to uphold their legal duty of care, and as a result, someone is injured, their actions (or non-actions) would be considered negligent. In this case, special rules for compensation would apply, especially if the victims were ill, disabled, or children. Common examples of common carrier negligence include fatigued driving, intoxicated driving, lack of proper vehicular maintenance, inadequate driver training, and speeding or similar kinds of reckless driving.

Bus Accident Victims

Anyone injured in a common carrier bus accident has a right to make a claim against the negligent party, but will require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to obtain the best settlement outcome possible. However, many common carriers are government agencies, which means strict rules apply in terms of statutes of limitations and other limitations. It is strongly encouraged to seek professional legal advice regarding your bus accident claim as soon as possible.

Indianapolis Bus Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700