Can I Sue Both Company and Driver After Being Hurt in a Truck Accident?

The consequences of car accidents range on a very broad spectrum, from minor all the way to fatal. But when it comes to truck accidents, the damages tend to be even more extensive given that trucks are larger, heavier, and therefore more lethal than a standard sedan or compact car. Often times, it is the trucking company that would be held liable for an accident caused by one of their drivers; however, there are some cases in which a separate claim can be brought against a negligent trucker driver too.

Continue reading to learn more about the possibility of suing both trucking company and driver after being injured in a serious trucking accident in Indiana.

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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

Trucking Company Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Most often, the trucking company is responsible for any damages caused by an employed driver while they were on the clock. However, some trucking accident claims can prove to be a bit trickier since not all truck drivers are employed by the trucking company. Some trucking companies outsource truck drivers who own their own truck and operate as independent contractors. In the case that a driver was injured by an independent trucking contractor, appointing liability can pose its challenges due to certain independent contracting laws. For this reason, it is vital to have a seasoned truck accident attorney representing your claim, from start to finish.

Although the negligent actions of employees of a trucking company are the trucking company’s responsibility, independent trucking contractors are responsible for themselves. This means that the trucking company that hired an independent trucker will generally not be held legally liable if the trucker causes an accident that harms another person. In fact, it is quite common for trucking companies and their insurance carrier to point the finger totally on the independent truck driver. On the other hand, if the trucking company lease a truck or placard to a truck driver, they could be found legally liable for the driver’s actions while on the clock.

Another important factor that courts will consider is whether or not the truck driver of a trucking company was acting within their scope of employment. For instance, if an employed truck driver of a trucking company causes an accident while on the clock performing work duties, the company can be held liable for the accident. However, the trucking company might be able to evade liability if the employee acted outside their scope of employment by causing an accident while running a personal errand, potentially. The company could argue that because the employee was acting outside of their scope of employment, they are not accountable.

What You Should Do After a Truck Accident

If you were just injured in a serious car accident as a result of a negligent trucker, you are likely entitled to collecting compensation for your subsequent damages and losses. See our blog, “FAQS About Commercial Truck Accident Claims” to learn more about your options for legal recompense. Contact a licensed truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis for help navigating your personal injury claim, today.

Indiana Truck Accident Attorneys

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