Who is At Fault in a 3 Way Car Accident?

When you are in a car crash, it is generally with just one other driver. In such cases, it is quite obvious who is to blame for the accident. But sometimes there are more than one car involved in a car accident, and when this happens, the blame can be shifted around depending on the facts of the wreck.

Since the very first legal matter dealt with is fault, it should be an important matter to you as a victim of a car accident. Continue reading to learn some facts about car accident liability, including who might be to blame in a 3-way car wreck.

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3 Driver Car Accidents

Even at low speeds, a two-driver car accident can be a jolting experiences for everyone involved, regardless of fault. But when you add a third vehicle to the situation, the severity of injury and damage can be higher. Additionally, the more cars involved, the more complex the case, so pinpointing the blame among multiple parties can take a little longer compared to a common two-car accident.

Determining Fault in a 3 Car Wreck

So, who is at fault in a 3-way car accident? How is such fault confirmed? Can more than one driver be to blame? Well, the answers to these questions depend on the unique details of each individual case, making them difficult to answer concretely. Yes, more than one car driver can be at-fault, in fact, all vehicle drivers can sometimes be a percentage at fault, or just one. It all depends.

For instance, one of the most common types of 3-way car accidents are 3 car fender benders, or a chain-reaction collision. If the first car in line is stopped in traffic, there would be no fault on that driver.  The car behind that vehicle hits the stopped vehicle because he is reaching for a cup of coffee and not looking where he is going.  That driver is at fault.  Following the collision, the driver who was stopped gets pushed into the vehicle stopped in front of him. The driver of the vehicle in front of him would also not be at fault and the driver reaching for the cup of coffee would be at fault in causing both the other vehicles drivers’ damages.     

What You Should Do as a Multi-Car Accident Victim

Your best course of action as an injured victim of a car accident that involved more than one other car is to speak with an Indianapolis car accident injury attorney as soon as possible. They will guide you through the process of dealing with the other parties, including their insurance companies. They can respond and provide evidence proving you are not at fault for the car accident, and ultimately, win you a settlement.  Some insurance adjusters will try to argue that you are at fault in causing the collision, even though there really is not much or any real evidence to support the argument.  

How to Protect Yourself After Being Injured in a 3 Car Accident in Indiana

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