Can I Settle My Own Personal Injury Claim?

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Indianapolis Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

Truthfully, more than 90% of personal injury claims never become a lawsuit because they are settled out of court. Negotiating a settlement out of court makes the legal process simpler and more efficient, and it costs much less than having a trial. For less complicated cases, it is the least-risky alternative for all parties involved. In order to make the process even less risky, it is strongly advised to seek out professional legal counsel. Personal injury lawyers retain the proper knowledge, resources, and experience to accurately manage an accident claim and negotiate a full and fair settlement.

Although it is strongly encouraged to hire an attorney, an injured victim could choose to represent themselves and attempt to settle their claim all on their own, but this is not recommended. Continue reading to learn why settling a personal injury claim without a licensed attorney can be detrimental to a victim’s case.

Personal Injury Settlements

If you are thinking about settling your personal injury claim yourself, there are a few things you should know. First, consider settling out of court for the aforementioned reasons. It will cost you much less if you can avoid a trial. You will then need to calculate all your damages, including economic losses, special damages, general damages, and past and future losses. And be sure to have proof of these numbers. Then you will need to adjust this value by mitigating certain damages and adding in certain factors of your case, including liability, the number of defendants, your age, your occupation, your medical history, and more. Then you can make your claim by writing a settlement demand letter to the insurance company (yours or theirs).

Keep in mind that you are not likely to have as good an outcome, in terms of recompense, without the professional assistance of a licensed attorney. A lawyer has the negotiating skills and experience to render a fuller and fairer settlement. There are several tricks and traps insurance companies will use against claimants in order to absorb the least amount of liability and pay out the least amount of compensation possible. Attorneys that practice injury law are familiar with these methods and know how to navigate through them so their client’s get what they fully deserve.

Without professional legal counsel, you are an easy target. The law is confusing and there are several aspects to a personal injury claim process. Aside from all the filing and paperwork, you would have the burden of proving the other party’s liability. This requires a comprehensive understanding of accident law, injury law, and more. It would be near impossible to adequately prepare yourself for what you need to know to easily and effectively settle your own claim.

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