Information and Advice For Personal Injury Victims With Permanent Scarring

After being hurt in a serious accident that traumatizes the skin, the body will naturally develop scars in the process of healing it’s injuries. As a victim who has been wrongfully injured in an accident that caused your body pain and suffering, you have likely experienced several damages and losses, such as medical bills and lost wages from missing time at work; but when your injuries lead to severe scarring, it can lead to a whole other level of suffering. In addition to the physical injury itself, those who develop permanent scarring are also prone to suffering emotional distress and psychological trauma. If you have permanent scarring from your personal injury accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for such losses as the ones mentioned above, and more.

Continue reading to review some important information and advice for personal injury victims who have suffered permanent scarring as a result of their injuries.

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Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

The Law Wants to Compensate You

The law provides protection and legal relief for those who have been wrongfully injured, and as a result, have suffered permanent disfigurement, including scars. The law recognizes permanent disfigurement as a compensable injury, meaning victims may be awarded compensation for it, in addition to the settlement received for their other damages and losses.  

Leading Causes of Permanent Scarring in Wrongfully Injured Victims:

► Motor Vehicle Accidents
► Pedestrian Accidents
► Airplane Accidents
► Burn Accidents
► Explosion Accidents
► Construction Accidents
► Dog Bites
► Assault and Battery
► Firearm Accidents
► Machinery Accidents
► Amputation Accidents
► Catastrophic Accidents

This list is just the start. There are endless types of accidents that can happen that will lead to a victim suffering permanent scars or disfigurement. For this reason and more, these types of personal injury cases can be complex. So, it is important to find an experienced Indianapolis Indiana personal injury law firm that can represent your permanent scarring accident claim and recover the maximum settlement for your losses. 

Common Types of Permanent Scars

Not all scars are alike. And to make matters more concerning, some scars do no develop normally, leading to inflammation, redness, raising, and discoloration. The most common kinds of serious scars are keloid, hypertrophic, atrophic scars.

Keloid – If the body produces too much collagen while it’s healing the skin, it can form a keloid scar. The scar continues to grow even after the injury has closed up and healed. These often develop outside of the injury area, and looked raised and discolored.

Hypertrophic – Like keloid scarring, hypertrophic scars happen when the body produces too much collagen during the healing process. Unlike keloid scars, they develop directly on the site of the injury in the form of raised red lumps in the skin.

Atrophic – Atrophic scarring occurs as a result of tissue loss beneath the injury site, which leads to inconsistent skin texture. They look like depressions, pits, or dents in the skin. A common example of this type of scarring is acne scars.

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