What is the Personal Injury Case Court Process?

Were you just injured in an accident that was not your own fault? Do you believe someone else should be held accountable for your damages and losses, such as medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, and pain-and-suffering? If so, your first step is to educate yourself and to hire a personal injury attorney.

Continue below for a brief explanation of the Indiana personal injury process, plus where to get started on your accident claim by learning more about your case.

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Call Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Indiana at 317-881-2700 Today.

What to Expect From the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process in Indiana

When someone is injured due to the negligence of another person, they may file a claim with the insurance carrier for the at-fault party and a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary. In Indiana, the court process for these types of cases can be complex. Here is an overview of what you can expect if you choose to claim suit for a wrongful accident and injuries in the Hoosier state:

The first step in filing a personal injury lawsuit is to file a complaint with the court. The complaint must state the facts of your case and what damages you are seeking. Once the complaint is filed, the defendant will have approximately 23 days to respond.

If the defendant does not respond, the court can enter a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff. If the defendant does respond, the next step is to engage in discovery. This is the process where both sides exchange information and documents relevant to the case.

After discovery is complete, the next step is to file motions with the court. These motions can be used to ask the court to make a ruling on certain issues in the case. For example, a motion for summary judgment can be used to ask the court to rule in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant without having a trial.

Once all of the motions have been ruled on, the next step is to go to trial. This is where both sides will present their evidence and arguments to a judge or jury. The judge or jury will then make a decision on who should win the case.

Schedule a No-Fee Case Evaluation to Learn Your Rights

If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit in Indiana, it is important to understand the court process. This overview should give you a general idea of what to expect. However, it is always best to consult with and hire an experienced injury attorney in Indianapolis to get specific advice for your case.

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