Tips for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts all across the state are not worried to see the nicer weather coming to an end this year. Even though summer is behind us, bikers can still enjoy their favorite pastime. Although motorcycles are known for their thrills and exciting adventures, they can also be very dangerous. They can pose a potential threat to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. Continue reading to learn more about biker safety, what to do after a motorcycle accident, and how to handle an injury claim.

Biker Safety

It’s highly recommended to always wear a helmet along with protective gear before writing or driving a motorcycle. Although you cannot stop somebody from colliding into you while on a motorcycle, you can take certain steps to prevent serious injuries, like wearing protective gear. If a person is injured in a motorcycle accident as a result of anothers negligence, they can be entitled to compensation for their damages. If you or recently injured in motorcycle accident, it is strongly encouraged to contact an Indianapolis personal injury attorney immediately.

Indiana Motorcycle Claims

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

In Indiana, there is a statutes of limitations law that restricts the amount of time a motorcycle accident victim can file a claim against the negligent party that caused their injuries. This is why it is important to outsource professional legal counsel that specializes in personal injury law. The law firms typically retain the proper knowledge and resources required to execute an effective and successful personal injury motorcycle accident claim.

They are familiar with all of the laws surrounding motorcycle accidents, pedestrian injuries, cyclists’ rights, and more. They have experience and training in courtroom litigation and negotiations as well. It’s important to choose an accomplished, experienced, and reputable personal injury law firm before deciding to hire them as your professional legal counsel. Insufficient legal services can make or break your injury claim.

What to Do if You are Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

After being involved in a motorcycle accident that result in injuries, immediately contact emergency medical services. It is important to get medical attention immediately after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident or collision. Once you are stable, the next step is to take pictures of the accident scene and of your own injuries. If it’s not possible for you to do this yourself, ask someone else to assist you; such as a police officer, the person with you, witnesses, that a personal, and so on.

Once this is done, the next step is to immediately contact an Indianapolis personal injury motorcycle accident attorney. You can do this while in the hospital, on your way to the hospital, and even at the scene of the accident. Some lawyers will even provide hospital visits for consultations in meetings. Using this advice, a motorcycle accident victim is on the right path to successfully recovering full and fair compensation for their damages.

Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Call The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 for more information regarding motorcycle accident injury claims in Indianapolis, Indiana. Seasoned personal injury attorneys, Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek, all specialize in motorcycle accident lawsuits and litigation. If you are looking for compassionate, experienced, and hardworking Indianapolis accident attorneys to represent your motorcycle accident claim, call our office at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation, today.