Black Ice Traffic Collision: Who’s At Fault?

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Car Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

It seems like Mother Nature held off for as long as she could, but the snow and ice are finally here in Indiana. This means it is time to be on high-alert when driving in winter weather. Ice and snow are hazardous conditions to drive in, and require focus and patience for safe navigation. But sometimes, no matter how safe you are, accidents can’t be avoided. There is only so much a driver can do to protect themselves from causing or being involved in a collision, but in several cases, it’s out of their hands.

Black ice, blizzards, and heavy snow are frequently to blame for motor vehicle accidents. But in the case that an accident was caused by invisible ice or hazardous weather conditions, is the driver still liable for damages sustained to another driver? Continue reading to learn who is at fault in personal injury motor vehicle accident cases caused by winter weather.

You Can’t Blame the Weather

In the eyes of the law, drivers must uphold the responsibility to drive safely under any circumstances. This includes retaining the knowledge that ice and snow puts drivers at higher risk for causing or being involved in a traffic collision. For this reason, if someone causes a motor vehicle accident as a result of black ice, the law still holds them liable for subsequent damages and injuries.

It comes as a surprise to thousands of drivers each year that they are responsible for any traffic accidents in snow and winter weather. A person cannot evade liability for a car accident if it was hazardous conditions that caused them to wreck in the first place. The law expects drivers to know that snow and ice are more dangerous and should choose to not drive or drive more carefully in such conditions.

Car Accident Injury Claims

If you were recently a victim of injury as a result of a negligent car accident, you may be entitled to certain rights and compensation for your damages and losses. It is important to talk to a car accident lawyer right away, before the state’s Statute of Limitations runs out, losing your opportunity to collect remuneration forever.

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