Critical Steps to Take Immediately After a Big Truck Accident

Accidents happen, and when they involve a big truck—such as a semi-truck, big rig, or an 18-wheeler—the consequences can be devastating. These massive vehicles dominate the road, and due to their sheer size and weight, collisions often result in severe injuries and significant financial damages. In such unfortunate circumstances, it is crucial to know what steps to take immediately following a big truck accident. From gathering evidence at the scene, to securing the right legal representation, each action plays a vital role in your recovery process.

This blog post seeks to guide you through these critical steps and highlights the importance of hiring a specialized big truck accident lawyer for dealing effectively with these unique cases. Let’s navigate this challenging journey together.

Call 317-881-2700 When You Need a Big Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis
Call 317-881-2700 When You Need a Big Truck Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana

Understanding the Types of Big Trucks

Before we dive into the steps, it’s crucial to understand the different types of big trucks on the road. These include semi-trucks, which are also known as tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers, and big rigs. Semi-trucks consist of a tractor unit pulling a large trailer behind it, while big rigs refer to trucks that have a cab for the driver and a separate container or tank for hauling cargo. These massive vehicles often weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, making them significantly larger and heavier than regular cars on the road. As such, accidents involving big trucks tend to have more severe consequences.

The Immediate Actions to Take After a Big Truck Accident:

Check for Injuries. Your well-being should be your top priority after an accident. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries and seek medical attention if needed.

Call 911. Immediately contact the police and notify the proper authorities of your accident. Request ambulance service if you suspect you or someone else may be injured.

Gather Evidence. If possible, take photos or videos of the scene, including damages to both vehicles, all involved drivers, skid marks, and any road conditions that may have contributed to the accident. Also, collect contact information from witnesses.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company. Notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Be truthful while providing details.

Contact a Big Truck Accident Lawyer. Seeking legal representation is crucial for protecting your rights and obtaining fair compensation. Big truck accidents involve complex laws and regulations, and having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Financial Damages Suffered in Big Rig Accidents

Accidents involving big trucks often result in significant financial damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. These costs can quickly add up and put a significant strain on your finances. It’s essential to seek compensation for these damages from the at-fault party to cover your expenses and help you get back on your feet.

The Role of a Big Truck Accident Lawyer

Big truck accident lawyers specialize in handling cases involving automotive accidents with semi-trucks, big rigs, box vans and other large commercial vehicles. They have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing these cases and can effectively navigate the complicated legal process on your behalf. Additionally, they can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary. Hiring a specialized large truck accident lawyer greatly increases your chances of receiving fair compensation for your damages.

In Summary

Being involved in a big truck accident is a traumatic experience, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. However, by following these critical steps and seeking the right legal representation, you can protect your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. Remember to prioritize your well-being above all else and seek help from a specialized large truck accident lawyer for the best possible outcome.

Have you or a loved one suffered serious injuries and losses due to a negligent big truck driver? Contact the Law Firm of Craven, Hoover & Blazek, P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced large truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent victims all throughout the state, including Indiana residents injured in other states.

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Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Indiana?

Negligent trucking companies and commercial truck drivers can be held liable for damages in a motor vehicle accident. But without professional representation, bringing about a claim against them can pose several uphill challenges. If you were recently injured in an accident that was caused by a trucker, you need the guidance of a skilled and seasoned law firm.

Continue reading to learn what an Indiana truck accident lawyer can do for you, plus how to get started on your claim.

Large Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Large Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Commercial Trucking Accidents and Damages

Commercial and large-fleet truckers can cause a serious amount of damage with their rigs. Other cars, even SUVs and conventional 4×4 trucks, don’t stand a chance against the massive-sized semis, 18-wheelers, boom trucks, recycling trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, roll off trucks, and wide-load trailer trucks on the road. Not only do these common large commercial trucks weigh around 25 times more than the average vehicle, but they can also carry dangerous freights, like highly combustible materials or industrial waste. Combined with high speeds, the results are known to be devastating, and many times, fatal.

Because of these factors, the amount of damage that results in negligent trucking accidents can tend to be more severe than standard auto collisions. So, when an innocent victim is injured or killed in a negligent trucking accident, they deserve justice. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in Indiana truck accidents can be the essential resource in obtaining the maximum settlement or verdict for your case.

Should you hire a truck accident lawyer? Yes, and here’s why:

They Know State and Federal Trucking Laws

A personal injury truck accident lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the specific state and federal trucking laws and regulations, including those surrounding commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs), drivers’ training and testing, drug and alcohol screening, maximum truck weights, maximum load weights, and truck maintenance guidelines.

They Will Determine Which Party or Parties are to Blame

A personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis will determine which party is to blame for your trucking accident. In commercial truck accident cases, it is possible, and often typical, to have more than one defendant. An attorney will examine and organize every detail of your case, and ultimately prove which party or parties are at-fault for your accident.

They Will Optimize the Discovery Process for You

The discovery process is the stage of a legal case in which both parties exchange all relevant case information in full disclosure, including documents, statements, admissions, and facts. Your Indiana truck accident attorney will have the skills to use the discovery process to your full benefit. Not only will they take advantage of discovery phase-specific tools like depositions, interrogatories, and requests for admission, they will use these tools to get the facts needed to win your case.

They Will Navigate All Settlement Negotiations

Most personal injury cases are settled before ever going to trial. Your Indianapolis truck accident lawyer can handle the settlement negotiations on your behalf and obtain the maximum settlement you deserve, all while avoiding a lengthy trial. They will let you know when to accept a settlement offer and when an offer is too low.

If you or a loved one was recently injured/killed in a car accident caused by a large truck or semi, learn your rights to pursing compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced truck accident lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana. We represent clients throughout the state of Indiana, and can meet over phone, video, or in-person at our Indy-based office and even at your home or the hospital if necessary.  It is vital to obtain an attorney right away because the evidence needs to be obtained immediately.

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