Are Warning Labels Enough to Protect Toy Manufacturers in the Case of Children’s’ Injuries?

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Child Injury Lawyer 317-881-2700

For any toys manufactured for children under the age of fourteen, the CPSCA (Consumer Product Safety Consumer Act), along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, sets strict standards for product design and safety. Federal regulation and legislation provide a very explicit and detailed set of standards for toy manufacturers. Federal labs must be used to conduct tests for each toy in order to evaluate design safety and rule out product defects. And when potential hazards are foreseen by a manufacturer, some states require they place a warning label on their packaging. The labels have to be clearly visible on the package and describe the potential safety risk.

Although a warning label can inform consumers of certain foreseen hazards and safety risks, they do not cover all the possible risks and liabilities, so injuries can still happen. In the case that a child is injured by a manufacturing defect or flaw, a family could have a valid product liability claim to pursue. It is important to consult a licensed personal injury lawyer with experience in product liability claims. They can help you decide what legal approach is best for full and fair remuneration.

Can a warning label protect a toy manufacturer in a product liability case?

Not always. Warning labels do not stop defective products from injuring children, and other defects not mentioned in the label can occur as well. A manufacturer has a responsibility to make sure their products are properly tested and approved, and never unnecessarily harm a child. They also have a responsibility to warn against any unanticipated but reasonable dangers. A toy might test well as a whole, but the accessories that might come along with it could be a choking hazard not warned against. This is an example of how a warning label is not enough to exempt a toy manufacturer from legal liability when children injuries result from one of their products.

The law does not mandate that toy manufacturers design and produce toys that are entirely hazard-free and could never harm a child. This is quite impossible considering there is always risk in everything that we do. There are so many variables and factors that must be investigated and considered before assigning fault in a toy injury case. Depending on a number of aspects, a manufacturer may or may not be held liable for an injury caused by their product. It is all circumstantial. This is another reason why hiring a personal injury attorney is the best choice for a family dealing with a recent product defect injury to their child. They can determine if and where a manufacturer was negligent and caused the injury to your loved one.

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Beware of Serious Prescription Drug Side Effects

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Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

There have been several recent reports regarding serious side effects caused by prescription drug use and treatment. Although most medications are helpful to patients, and can even save lives, some prescription meds have the potential to cause severe side effects; such as discomfort, medical complications, and even death. If you or a loved one has taken any prescription drugs that have caused serious or life-threatening side effects, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

It is important to consult a licensed Indianapolis product liability lawyer for accurate answers to your legal questions, and to receive trusted professional guidance for pursuing a lawsuit.

Prescription Drugs that Can Potentially Cause Serious Side Effects

Below is a list of several prescription medications that have been reported by patients to cause serious and potentially fatal side effects when consumed. If you have taken any of the listed medications below, consult a physician to reassure you are not in harm’s way. If you have taken one or more of the below listed drugs, and have experienced severe side effects, also consult a personal injury attorney. They retain the proper experience, knowledge, and resources to investigate a potential product liability claim or personal injury case for victims of prescription drug side effects.

Here are some prescription drugs and side effect-scenarios recently reported by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA):


A blood thinning medication. Said to have caused excessive bleeding and even internal hemorrhaging in some users. This drug was meant to be a “perfect substitution” for a drug called Coumadin, but it is in fact a very dangerous drug.


Also a blood thinning medication. Meant to be an alternative to a drug called Warfarin. In contrast to Warfarin, Xarelto doesn’t have an antidote for its anti-clotting mechanism in the case of an emergency. This makes it a very risky and dangerous drug.


An injectable medication meant to treat Type II Diabetes. It works in the gastrointestinal tract to increase the production of insulin in the gut. Has been reported with several complications. Similar meds include Victoza and Januvia.


Manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals to also treat Type II Diabetes. Although the FDA approved this drug in 2006, it has been reported causing several medical complications since its public reveal in 2007.


A dialysis medication for kidney disease. The FDA issued a Class I product recall, the most serious classes of recalls for medical products, because this drug is too dangerous and can cause death.


Also a dialysis medication that was CLASS I recalled by the FDA in 2012 for its dangerous side effects, including death.

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Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

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