Are We Entitled to a Settlement if Our Child Was Wrongfully Injured?

What could be more valuable and important than our kids? For parents like you, they are the absolute most important aspect of your lives. So, when your child is injured due to another’s negligence, it is no surprise that you struggle with emotional anguish and stress from knowing your little one is suffering. As parents, we all want to trust that the people they leave in charge of their children are taking good care of them, and the products or toys their children use will not cause them harm; but sometimes accidents happen, and unfortunately, some of those accidents are caused by an adult’s negligence.

So, how are children and adolescents protected by law against those who may cause them serious harm and subsequent damages? Furthermore, are you entitled to a personal injury settlement for your family’s economic and non-economic losses following your child’s wrongful accident?

Continue reading to learn more about child injury claims and settlements, including who to trust for seasoned personal injury advice and representation in Indianapolis.

Child Injury Claim Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700
Child Injury Claim Lawyer Indiana 317-881-2700

Most Common Types of Serious Injuries to Kids and Teens

Kids are hurt every single day; it is a part of growing up and learning; learning to not touch a hot iron because it will burn or learning to wear their knee pads when rollerblading to avoid skinned or scabbed knees. However, when kids are injured because of another person or entity’s carelessness, it is an entirely different scenario.

Dog bites, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, prescription drug errors, medical misdiagnoses, swimming pool accidents, defective toys or products, and negligent supervision are some of the more common types of wrongful accidents in which children are negligently hurt or worse, killed. When an accident occurs due to negligence causes harm or death to a child, parents need to know their legal options and rights.

How to Pursue Legal Action on Behalf of Your Child’s Accident and Injuries

In every situation that a child is injured negligently, there must be proof that someone or something failed to act like a careful person would have, causing the accident and subsequent injury. If a legal representative, or personal injury lawyer, can establish this evidence or proof, the family of the minor is legally entitled to compensation for their child’s injuries and damages.

Compensation is meant to cover past, present, and future medical expenses, hospital bills, prolonged rehabilitation, wrongful death, pain, suffering, mental anguish, trauma, and much more.  If the minor was old enough to be employed, they are entitled to compensation to cover lost wages from work as well.

If the child is too young to be employed, the parents or guardians are entitled to reimbursement for lost wages after missing time at work, as well as fuel from traveling to and from doctors’ appointments. If the at-fault party acted extraordinarily reckless or with intent, the court or jury may also award punitive damages.

Child Wrongful Death Cases

When a child is lost due to someone’s negligence or carelessness, it is a wrongful death case. In these intensely sad and devastating lawsuits, parents can recover compensation for pain, suffering, loss of love, loss of affection, loss of companionship, mental anguish, PTSD, lost wages, bills, expenses, and so much more. If you or a loved one is dealing with an injured child that was hurt as a result of a negligence from a company, person, or product, contact a licensed personal injury attorney for professional and assertive legal counseling and advice.

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