Which Injuries Qualify For Workers’ Compensation in Indiana?

Workers’ compensation benefits are a form of insurance that provides financial assistance to employees if they become injured or ill because of their job or while working. In Indiana, the state requires employers with three or more employees to carry workers’ comp insurance in order for eligible employees to be able to receive benefits. The types of injuries that qualify for workplace compensation in Indiana include both physical and mental injuries, to a degree.

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Call 317-881-2700 To Speak With a Licensed Workers' Comp Lawyer in Indianapolis.
Call 317-881-2700 To Speak With a Licensed Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Indianapolis.

Injuries Covered By Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Physical injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation include any type of injury or illness related to the employee’s job activities, such as falls, cuts and bruises, burns, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and even sometimes heart attacks or strokes. Mental illnesses may also be covered by workers’ compensation if they are related to the job, such as stress or depression caused by an employer’s hostile work environment.

In addition, some employees may be entitled to compensation even if their injuries were not sustained at work. This includes any type of injury that was the result of a workplace activity, such as attending a company event or meeting off-site. Furthermore, an employee can qualify for workers’ comp if his or her illness or injury regardless of whether or not there was negligence by any party.

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

In order to be eligible for workers’ comp, an employee should report their injury or illness to their employer as soon as possible and provide medical documentation of the injury or sickness. The employee must then file a claim with the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board within two years of the injury or illness in order to ensure receipt of benefits owed.

If an employee is found eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, they can expect to receive payments that cover medical expenses related to the injury or illness, as well as a percentage of wages while they are unable to work due to their injury or illness. In some cases, eligible employees may also receive disability awards or lump sum settlements if permanent injuries are sustained.

The Importance of Workman’s Comp Benefits

Overall, workers’ compensation benefits provide a valuable safety net to those who become injured or ill because of their job in Indiana. Eligible employees can expect to receive payments for medical expenses and lost wages related to their injury or illness, as well as additional benefits if their injury or illness was caused by their employer’s negligence. It is important for Indiana employees to understand the types of injuries and illnesses that qualify for workman’s compensation benefits in order to take advantage of them if they become injured or ill.

Know Your Right’s as an Injured Worker

By understanding the types of injuries and illnesses that are eligible for workers’ compensation, Indiana employees can ensure they receive the financial assistance they deserve in the event of a workplace injury or illness.  With this information, employees can be better prepared to handle any situation that may arise due to an injury or illness sustained while on the job.  It is essential for Indiana employers and employees alike to understand workplace compensation eligibility and its importance in protecting both parties.

Contact an Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

For more information about the types of injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation in Indiana, contact a qualified Indiana workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced civil litigator can provide advice on proper filing procedures and ensure employees receive the full range of benefits they are entitled to under state law.

Employees should always consult a workers’ comp attorney in Indiana before making any decisions regarding such claims and as soon as possible following a work place injury. With the right legal help, injured or ill employees can receive the full range of benefits they deserve in order to mitigate any financial losses incurred due to workplace injuries or illnesses.

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