What You Need to Know About Barred Claims and Filing Fees

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Will a personal injury claim be denied if the filing fee is not paid in full before the statute of limitations runs out? This is a common question among those who have suffered a serious injury and wish to pursue a claim against the negligent party; and a very important one too. If you are preparing to file an injury claim, you should know the answer to this question. Continue reading to learn how a claim can be barred if you do not pay the filing fees in full and on time.

Personal Injury Claims and Fees

In Indiana, in order to initiate a personal injury claim, you must pay the filing fees to the court in full BEFORE the statute of limitations expire. If you do not pay the full amount of filing fees to the court on time, your personal injury claim will be barred. Here is an example that demonstrates how serious filing fees are to a personal injury claim:

Indiana Court of Appeals Ruling in Hortenberry, Natasha F. v. Palmer, Thomas, 10A04-1301-CT-17:

Thomas wanted to file a negligent action claim against Natasha; but when he wrote a check to cover the filing fee, he mistakenly made it out for $2 less than the full amount due. Once the court clerk noticed the error, they notified Palmer who then sent in a check for $2 to cover the difference. The only problem was, by this time, the statute of limitations had run out. Even after several appeals, the courts relied on Trial Rule 3, which clearly states that payment of the requisite filing fee is required to initiate an action.

Hire an Accident Lawyer

The legal system is complicated, tricky, and tedious. It is important to discuss the details and agendas for your personal injury claim with an experienced accident attorney. They have the knowledge and resources needed to accurately guide you through the process to ensure your claim is handled with care. That is why it is crucial to hire a professional in the industry to help you through the process and protect you from lost compensation. There are many “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to personal injury cases, so be sure to speak with a lawyer as soon as you are involved in an accident that results in an injury.

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