What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

When a group of people who suffer the same or similar injuries as a result of a product or particular action come together as a whole to sue the party responsible, it is called a class action lawsuit. It is a basically a multi-party lawsuit brought on against the at-fault party, whether that’s a person or entity. Additional terms used for class action lawsuits include “mass tort litigation” and “multi-district litigation” (“MDL”).

The most common causes for class action lawsuits include:

▬ Product Defects – Vehicles, drugs, toys, exercise equipment, etc.
▬ Medical Malpractice – Surgeries, birth injuries, negligence counseling, etc.
▬ Defective Drugs – Contaminated medicines, prescription drugs, etc.
▬ Toxic/Oil Spills

The most common types of conduct that lead to class action lawsuits include:

▬ Corporate Misconduct
▬ Consumer Fraud
▬ Securities Fraud
▬ Employer Misconduct
▬ Discrimination

Mass Tort Litigation

Another form of class action lawsuit is called “mass tort litigation” or “mass tort action”, and it is used when a massive accident injures a large group of people, such as a plane crash or building fire. It can also be used when a massive group of people are injured by the same product, such as a defective medical device or surgical implant.

Lawsuit Consolidation

When a group of injured victims become a part of a class action lawsuit, all aspects of litigation are consolidated into one lawsuit. This includes claims, attorneys, evidence, witnesses, and the total amount of losses and damages suffered by all victims. Class action lawsuits are important because when a product or action causes a large group of people injuries, it is too difficult (sometimes impossible) pursuing individual lawsuits. When this happens, the group of victims have to come together and file a lawsuit with a plaintiff representative, which is a professional who will represent all claims as one. These professionals are called named plaintiff or lead plaintiff.

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