The 5 Rules of Driving Safety for Teens

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Car Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

With so many new distractions made available to drivers these days, such as high-tech navigation systems and touch phones, you can never review safe driving tips with your teenagers enough. Not only can a car accident pose serious physical injuries and fatalities, they can also be devastating financially and emotionally as well. Even a simple tap on the fender can throw off your entire day and interrupt your schedule.

For these reasons and more, it is important to remind your teens how to avoid serious accidents and drive safe at all times. One quick conversation can have the power to prevent potential accidents and/or injuries in the future. Continue reading for a quick review of the top five rules of driving safety for adolescent drivers. And then discuss what you’ve learned over dinner with your loved ones!

Rule #5 – Don’t Speed!

Speeding is one of the number one causes of fatal car accidents in the country. Tell your teenagers it is better to be late than dead or seriously injured. Remind your teenagers that speeding will only get them to their final destination a few minutes sooner, making it unnecessary and unreasonable. You simply do not have full control over your 5 ton vehicle when you are speeding. Remind your teenagers that the speed limit is set for their safety and for the safety of others. It is important to keep the flow of traffic, but it is also important to obey the speed limit reasonably.

Rule #4 – Never Drive Aggressively or Tailgate

It is important for teens to understand that they cannot act recklessly while driving. Tailgating and following too closely behind other vehicles is unsafe. That is because drivers do not have enough time to stop if the car in front of them suddenly breaks. It also obstructs your view of being able to see what’s ahead of the car in front of you. Tailgating is the number one cause of fender bender’s in the country. Remind your teenage drivers to always signal and to always drive courteously.

Rule #3 – Steer Clear of Aggressive Drivers

It is important to educate your teenagers about the dangers of other drivers. As mentioned, they need to know that it’s not always themselves they have to worry about, it’s other drivers on the road as well. This is where defensive driving comes into play again. Teach them to steer clear and avoid drivers that appear to be aggressive or intoxicated. Switch lanes, make a turn, or pull over and park to keep it as much distance between them as possible. If they come across the driver who is honking repeatedly and harassing them while on the road, instruct them to pull over in cases like this and to call the police if they feel further threatened.

Rule #2 – Remain Focused and Alert

Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

As mentioned, there are lots of distractions made available to teenagers these days, like cell phones and stereos. But for teens, it is so easy to be distracted, and many believe they are great at multitasking. But the reality is that multitasking while driving is a serious hazard that often ends in accidents and/or injuries. Remind your teens to always be vigilant while behind the wheel of the car. Remind them that they may be a wonderful driver, but they can’t always trust everybody else on the road.

Teach them to always stay alert, and be on the lookout for aggressive or intoxicated drivers, road obstructions, traffic signs, pedestrians, and more. Defensive driving is a large part of safe driving. Here are some great tips to be a focused driver: Only use your cell phone at stop lights, pull over and park to use your phone, install a hands-free system.


Teenagers are bound to face tough decisions among their peers, namely in terms of substance use like alcohol or drugs. It is important to set boundaries early on with your kids, teaching them about the dangers of alcohol and drugs so they understand the devastating consequences of using them. When it comes time for your teens to get the driver’s license, it is important to review these facts and to instill in them how critical it is to always drive sober no matter what. Not only can you harm yourself while driving under the influence, you could potentially harm or kill another person, child, or infant. No one has the right to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. This is an important message to send to not only your children, but to everyone else as well.

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