What to Do After Being Injured in an Industrial Accident in Indiana

In cities across the country, we graciously express thanks to our industrial workers for laying the foundation of our local economies. The industrial labor industry, although essential in many ways, is a dangerous one for those employed within its various trades and productions. As an injured industrial worker in Indiana, it is vital that you learn your rights regarding the collection of compensation for your damages and losses incurred because of your industrial accident.

Continue reading to learn what to do after being injured in an industrial accident Indiana so that you may protect your rights and preserve your quality of life.

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Help for Victims of Indiana Industrial Accidents

Whether you work on the engineering, manufacturing, or business side of the industrial industry, accidents can happen all around you. From slips, trips, and falls to amputations, orthopedic injuries, burn injuries, and more, the scope of possible industrial accidents are wide-ranging.

Regardless of how you are injured in your industrial accident, if your accident occurred as a result of another’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to a settlement for your damages and losses.

Common damages losses that victims typically suffer after an industrial accident in Indiana include hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages for missing work, pain-and-suffering, mental anguish, permanent disfigurement, permanent disability, loss of companionship, and even wrongful death.

Industrial Accidents Commonly Involve:

▷ Factories
Construction Sites
▷ Warehouses
▷ Drilling Rigs
▷ Mines
▷ Processing Plants
▷ Refineries
▷ Grain Mills
▷ Paper Mills

How to Obtain a Successful Outcome to Your Workers’ Compensation Claim and/or Third Party Claim

When a person is injured while working, they obviously would have a worker compensation claim that they can make through their employer’s worker compensation insurance carrier.  Worker compensation claims have set limits on what amount of money an injured person may recover however. In a worker compensation claim, an injured person also cannot recover damages for pain and suffering. In addition, in a worker compensation claim, the worker does not need to prove anyone was negligent. They need only prove they were injured in the course and scope of their employment.

When a person is injured while working, they may also have a third party claim in addition to the worker compensation claim they can make. A third party claim exists when the injury to the worker occurs as the result of negligence of a person who is not also a direct co-employee of the injured worker. For example, if two companies are working at a job site and while working putting together scaffolding a worker from one company is injured by an employee of another company who backs up a forklift into the person putting the scaffolding together, the forklift operator’s employer could be held liable for all damages, including pain and suffering damages that are not compensable in the worker compensation claim. Any judgement against the forklift operator’s employer would be paid by their liability insurance carrier.

The most effective tool you can equip yourself with when pursuing legal action against a wrongful party that caused your injuries is an Indiana workplace injury lawyer. They retain the proper resources, knowledge, and experience to navigate your personal injury case from start to finish, ensuring that you obtain the maximum settlement or verdict for your Indiana industrial accident claim.

Industrial Accident Claim Representation in Indiana

Here at the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C., we have represented numerous clients catastrophically injured on the job throughout the state of Indiana. Not only can we help victims obtain financial relief in the form of a verdict or settlement, but we can also support clients in obtaining proper medical treatment and counseling.

We fight for our clients’ rights to compensation for past, current, and future losses, including loss of ability to work performed the same work duties before the accident occurred, as well as partial, temporary, and total disability benefits. Choose our Indiana industrial accident lawyers for superior and aggressive-when-needed personal injury representation for your workers’ compensation claim.

We also fight for clients’ rights to compensation for pain and suffering and all other damages if there is a third party claim in addition to a worker compensation claim that can be made.

Are you ready to learn your best options for obtaining compensation after being catastrophically injured in an industrial accident? Contact us at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation with an Indiana workers’ compensation lawyer soon. Act fast, before time runs out on your claim and significant evidence is lost.

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