FAQS About Car Crash Personal Injury Lawyers

After being injured in a car crash in Indianapolis, you are likely wondering how to get started with the process of hiring an Indiana personal injury lawyer. After all, the thought of paying out of pocket for all your past, current, and future damages can be a scary one. Fortunately, there are plenty of qualified resources to rely on for answers to your auto accident personal injury questions.

Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions about car crash personal injury lawyers in Indiana, and even learn how to get started on a case evaluation soon.

Car Crash Accident Lawyers Indianapolis IN 317-881-2700
Car Crash Accident Lawyers Indianapolis IN 317-881-2700

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Personal Injuries

Do I Need to Hire an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney?

Regardless of how minor the insurance adjuster for the at-fault party claims your car accident injuries or damages might be, it is vital to retain professional legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accidents.

Many car accident victims make the mistake of believing they can represent themselves in a car crash personal injury claim; only later to discover that their case was worth much more than what they eventually settled for. A skilled and seasoned car crash attorney in Indianapolis will use every resource in their power to obtain the maximum settlement or verdict for you.

Can Wrongful Death Car Crash Victims File an Accident Claim in Indiana?

If you are a spouse or next of kin who has just suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, an Indiana auto accident lawyer will protect your rights to compensation for all of the resulting damages and losses incurred to the family, including medical expenses, hospital bills, loss of social security benefits, loss of income, loss of consortium, pain, suffering, and more.

What Will a Car Accident Attorney Do?

Not only will a car accident attorney in Indiana support you through your recovery process from start to finish, they will also navigate all elements and aspects of your personal injury claim. This includes recovering and scrutinizing all gathered evidence surrounding your case, interviewing any eyewitnesses or involved parties, documenting all testimonies, obtaining photographs, videos and other evidence, conferring with your medical professionals in regard to your injuries and recovery process, and if necessary, obtaining the services of an accident reconstruction specialist to assist in proving the fault of the other driver if necessary.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Car Crash Lawyer in Indianapolis?

Personal injury law firms in Indianapolis may differ in terms of their payment arrangement and business model, but most work on contingency. This means that clients do not pay any upfront lawyer fees or costs. In fact, clients do not pay at all unless their personal injury lawyers recover a settlement or verdict for them.

Once a settlement or verdict is obtained, then clients will pay the lawyers a previously agreed upon percentage of their compensation from the defendant’s insurance company. Furthermore, we offer free initial case evaluations to determine your eligibility for pursuing legal action against an at-fault party.

Where Can I Find the Best Car Crash Personal Injury Law Firm in Indianapolis?

The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. is ready to fight for your rights in an Indiana personal injury car accident case. We begin with a thorough review and assessment of the circumstances surrounding your auto accident so that we can document a strong case against the negligent party or involved third parties.

If we cannot get insurance companies or opposing parties to settle out of court and provide you the compensation you deserve and are owed, we take the lawsuit to court. Our Indianapolis Indiana car accident attorneys offer free case evaluations and do not collect lawyer fees unless we recover a settlement or verdict for you so there is no reason not to contact us today.

Are you ready to get started on your auto accident personal injury claim? Contact us directly at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with a licensed Indianapolis Indiana personal injury lawyer, today. We represent injured victims all throughout the state of Indiana.

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Top 5 Tips for Safe Driving in Indianapolis

The number of drivers who are seriously injured or killed in car accidents each year is astonishing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 3000 people were killed in a distracted driving car accident in 2019 alone, while more than 400,000 drivers and passengers were seriously injured because of distracted driving. What’s even more disconcerting is, with good intention and practice, distracted driving can be easily prevented. Therefore, no one should ever have to become a victim of a distracted driving car accident.

In fact, continue reading to learn the top five tips for safe driving in Indianapolis so that you can avoid becoming a distracted driver yourself and potentially harming another person in a car accident. Be sure to spread these tips among your friends and family to protect them as well.

Indianapolis IN Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700
Indianapolis IN Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Know the Weather

Whether you are heading off to work or preparing for a long-distance road trip, the weather is something you always want to pay attention to when you plan on driving. Inclement weather conditions can increase the degree of hazard you experience on the road while driving, and if you add any type of distraction on top of that, it can pose a higher risk of being involved in a car accident.

If you know it’s going to rain, be sure your windshield wipers and tire tread are in good condition. If you know it’s going to snow, be sure to give yourself some extra time to clear off your windshield and warm your car up before taking off. If you know it’s going to be very hot, bring a windshield shade cover or choose a shaded parking spot for the day.

When the weather report predicts rainy, icy, or wet conditions, plan to leave earlier to give yourself some extra time; this way you won’t feel rushed on the road and tempted to speed or drive recklessly and because everyone on the road should be driving slower you will need more time to get to your destination safely.

Never Drive Under the Influence

Whether it’s alcohol, prescription drugs, controlled drugs, over-the-counter medication, or illicit drugs, never under any circumstances should you operate a vehicle when you are under their influence. Not only is it illegal, but it is very dangerous. Even something as unassuming and innocent as cough syrup can make you drowsy, which can cause you to lose focus while driving. Fatigued driving is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving. In fact, that’s your next safe driving tip.

Get Plenty of Rest

It is important that you are well rested before operating a motor vehicle. Never drive when you are sleepy or drowsy because this can cause you to quickly lose focus on the road and other drivers around you. Even if you feel like you can stay awake, there is always a chance of slipping behind the wheel. Avoid taking prescription medications or over-the-counter medications that cause drowsiness before driving. Always check the label of your medications to be sure.

Avoid Distracting Behaviors While Driving

There are many things you might be doing behind the wheel of your car that you don’t realize are distracting. Examples include texting, taking phone calls, changing the radio station, entering coordinates into your GPS system, eating, putting on makeup, rummaging through your purse, taking your eyes off the road to reach for a food or beverage, checking for items in the backseat, and more. All of these behaviors are considered distracted driving, which is incredibly unsafe. So, when you are driving, stick to driving and only driving. Wait for a stoplight to perform any of these behaviors or pull over safely first. Here in Indiana, texting and driving is now illegal and you will be cited for an expensive ticket if you are seen by a police officer.

Do Not Drive Recklessly

One of the most effective best practices for safe driving is to simply follow all traffic rules and regulations. First, avoid reckless driving. This means drive the speed limit, obey all traffic signs, use your turn signals, give yourself plenty of room between vehicles, and so forth. Also, it is important to stay current on all of your automotive maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition for safe driving. By following these rules, you can avoid unsafe and distracted driving.

Were you injured or a loved one wrongly injured or killed in a car accident recently? Contact the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to meet with a seasoned Indiana car accident injury lawyer who can fight for your right to full and fair compensation. We can consult over phone, video, or in person at our Indianapolis law office.  We represent injured persons and their loved ones throughout the state of Indiana and Indiana residents injured in other states.

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Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700
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Why Choose Us for Your Indiana Car Accident Personal Injury Claim

If you were wrongly hurt, you deserve justice. It is vital that you act fast by speaking to a licensed and experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accident claims and lawsuits. It is important to do this in order to avoid losing critical evidence and exceeding the statutes of limitations for your claim. Who can you trust to successfully represent your Indiana car accident personal injury claim and obtain the maximum settlement or verdict for your damages? The answer is simple:

The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C.

Continue below to learn more about getting started on your financial recovery with the help of our esteemed car accident attorneys in Indiana.

Indianapolis IN Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700
Indianapolis IN Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

Indianapolis IN Car Accident Lawyers Who Will Fight For Your Right to Fair Compensation

Although based out of Indianapolis, our personal injury lawyers represent claimants all throughout the state of Indiana. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and determine your eligibility for pursing legal action against the at-fault party who caused the car accident. In fact, there are never any out-of-pocket fees for our services.

Our Indiana accident law firm was founded on the belief that wrongly injured victims and personal injury survivors deserve justice in the form of compensation. For that reason, we make it simple for injured victims to become our clients. Not only do we provide free case evaluations, but we also never charge any upfront lawyer fees. You do not pay us unless and until we recover a settlement or verdict from the at-fault party’s insurance company for you.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle:

► Car Accidents
► Truck Accidents
► Commercial Truck Accidents
►Common Carrier Accidents (Public buses, trains, planes, etc.)
► Company Vehicle Accidents
► Motorcycle Accidents
► Boating Accidents
► Pedestrian Accidents
► Drunk Driving Accidents
► Wrongful Deaths

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries We Represent:

▷ Orthopedic Injuries
▷ Soft Tissues Injuries
▷ Whiplash
▷ Head Injuries
▷ Brain Injuries
▷ Compound Fractures
▷ Tissue De-Gloving
▷ Amputations
▷ Ruptured Organs
▷ Internal Bleeding
▷ Coma
▷ Wrongful Death
▷ And More

Get Started on Your Indiana Car Accident Claim ASAP

Each attorney at The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. has more than 25 years of experience representing car and motor vehicle accident cases in Indiana. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries from a motor vehicle accident caused by negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. We can obtain a settlement or verdict for your damages and losses, such as medical bills, hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Again, you must act fast before evidence is lost and your time to file a claim expires.

Are you ready to get started on your car accident injury claim? Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation with a qualified Indiana car accident injury lawyer. We can speak via phone, video conference, or in-person at our Indianapolis personal injury law office.

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Basics of Indiana Personal Injury Laws

When someone is injured in an accident through the fault of another person or entity, you would think they would naturally expect to be compensated for their damages and losses that result from the accident. However, many accident victims are hesitant to move forward with a personal injury lawsuit, or even hire an attorney at all.

Many are under the impression that they will heal quickly, while others feel a false sense of confidence that the defendant’s insurance company will treat them fairly. As a result, these kinds of victims fail to make a personal injury claim within their state’s statute of limitations, or at all for that matter, and consequently miss out on their rights to compensation.

This unfortunate situation mostly occurs due to lack of knowledge about the rules, deadlines and trusting a defendant’s insurance company.  To be clear, a defendant’s insurance carrier does not owe any duties to a person injured through the conduct of their insured.  They are a business, interested in making money like all businesses. 

For these reasons, is vital for all personal injury victims to be properly informed of their legal rights to recovering compensation for their damages and losses following a serious injury or accident. The best course of action is to immediately consult with an experienced accident attorney who can give you the information you need regarding your unique case.

In the meantime, review some of the basic terms, statutes, and processes of Indiana personal injury laws for a better understanding of what to expect at your initial consultation with your lawyer.

Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm
Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

Personal Injury, Defined

A personal injury occurs when an innocent victim suffers damages and losses as a result of someone else’s negligence. A person, group, company, or organization can all be at-fault parties in a personal injury case. If found liable, at-fault parties are ordered to pay compensation for the victim’s damages and losses, such as hospital bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

The at-fault parties insurance carriers then pay the verdicts against their insureds. Keep in mind that an injury can be physical, mental, or emotional. Common examples of personal injury cases include car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, dog bites, workplace accidents, trucking accidents and wrongful deaths.

Statute of Limitations

Every state has a set time limit in which an injured person can bring about a claim, or file a lawsuit in civil court, against another party. Here in Indiana, the standard stature of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is two years. If a personal injury victim fails to pursue a claim within this time period, they lose their opportunity to do so, forever.

Additional Time Limits

If a personal injury victim is bringing about a claim against a municipal party, such as a city or county, they have only 180 days to file a tort claims notice.  A timely “filed” tort claims notice is required before a lawsuit and claim may be filed against a city or county. If an injured victim is pursuing a personal injury claim against a state government agency, the tort claims notice filing period extends to 270 days from the date of the accident. See our blog, “Can a Personal Injury Statute of Limitations Be Extended?” to learn more.  Again, because of the significant time limitations, you should immediately hire an attorney after your injury.

Comparative Fault Rule

Indiana uses the comparative fault rule, which divides the amount of fault among each person involved in an accident. In the situation that an injured victim is partly at-fault for the accident and their subsequent injuries, the law might apply the comparative fault legal principle and assign a percentage of liability to the injured victim. For example, if a pedestrian ignores pedestrian traffic signals, and is then hit by a driver who is intoxicated, both could be found to be at-fault. See our blog, “Who is Liable When a Driver Hits a Pedestrian?” to learn more.

Car Accident Claims

When it comes to car accident claims, Indiana is an “at-fault” state, which means injured car accident victims are allotted certain legal recourse to collect compensation for their damages. They may file a claim with their personal insurance carrier, file a claim with the other driver’s insurance carrier (known as a “third-party claim”), or file a lawsuit to seek damages. See our blog, “Auto Insurance Terms You Need to Know as a Car Accident Victim” to learn more.

How to Get Started on a Personal Injury Claim

Call the Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with a licensed personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana. Seasoned lawyers, Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek, are motivated to help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve after being injured in a serious accident. We represent injured people throughout the State of Indiana.  Best of all, we only collect lawyer fees if we obtain a settlement for you!

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700
Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Does an Injured Victim Need a Witness to Prove a Car Accident Case?

When a person is involved in a car accident, they must provide information and evidence to their insurance company that outlines the events leading up to and surrounding the accident in order to get coverage. In the case that an insurance company will not give the proper coverage needed for damages, an injured victim may end up filing a lawsuit. And to win their case, they would need an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer, but they wouldn’t necessarily need a witness. Witnesses are great assets to a case, but they are not the only method of proving the validity of a person’s injuries. Whether the matter is being managed administratively through an insurance carrier, or legally in a court of law, there are other ways to prove a case without witness testimony.

Indianapolis Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

Indianapolis Accident Lawyers 317-881-2700

No Witness Testimony

When an injured person does not have a witness, it is wise for them to take pictures and videos at the scene of the accident to document visual proof of the damages and surrounding environment. This includes anything that was related to the accident, including vehicular damages, skid marks, shattered glass, road obstructions, street lights, and more. Of course, this is difficult to do for someone that is seriously injured or unconscious. Under these circumstances, if a victim is immobilized because of their injuries, it is a good idea to record themselves, describing their injuries and what’s happening at the scene of the accident. Injured victims can also ask a police officer or EMT to take pictures for them if they are too injured to do it themselves.

Having a Witness

If a victim does have a credible witness, it will be easier to prove the facts surrounding their accident and injuries. Often times, a person will not even realize there are witnesses until they ask. It is common for crowds of people to gather when an accident takes place, so a victim can ask these people for their testimony or camera footage as well. It is important for them to record their names and contact information for future questioning.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were recently injured in a car accident, and you don’t have any witnesses or camera footage, you may still have a chance to win your case. Hiring a seasoned car accident injury lawyer is the first step to recovering the full and fair compensation you deserve after being seriously injured in a car accident.

Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C.

Craven Hoover Blazek Personal Injury Law

Craven Hoover Blazek Personal Injury Law 317-881-2700

Call Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced car accident injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attorneys Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek are eager to help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve after being wrongfully injured in an auto accident. We offer free initial consultations and never collect lawyer fees unless we win your case. Call 317-881-2700 to get started with your Indianapolis car accident injury claim, today.

Advice for Anyone Involved in a Massive Traffic Pile Up

Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

When two drivers are involved in a minor traffic collision, such as a fender-bender, it is basically cut-and-dry on who’s at fault for the accident. But what about major traffic collisions that involve numerous parties? This is the case for traffic accident pile ups and victims. It can be quite complex and confusing deciding who is at fault in a massive pile up, and how to get properly compensated for losses and damages that result from such accidents.

If you or anyone you love was recently involved and injured in a multiple vehicle collision, it is strongly suggested to get in contact with an experienced car accident injury lawyer for professional guidance. Continue reading to learn some basic advice for car accident pile up collisions, and what you should do if ever involved in one.

At the Scene

As soon as you are involved in a multiple vehicle traffic accident, the first thing to do is to remain calm. Of course, this is easier “said than done”, however, trying to remain calm will help you make better decisions on the spot, and protect you and your passengers from further harm. If you are capable of moving, check for injuries to you and any passengers, and if necessary, move your vehicle out of the way, or leave the vehicle if it cannot be moved. Find a safe spot to wait for authorities to arrive for assistance.

Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

Car Accident Attorneys 317-881-2700

If you or any member of your party is injured, contact emergency medical technicians right away. Receive medical attention on the spot, and if needed, be transported to the nearest hospital for additional medical treatment. If you and your party do not require medical care, still remain at the scene to cooperate with responding law enforcement. It is important to have the accident officially on record with police for insurance and injury claim purposes.

When speaking with law enforcement, it is important to not say too much since your statements are being recorded. Recorded statements can be used against you during the claims process. Instead, be polite but brief, and only give facts about your observations and experiences. Do not give information about your opinions or what you “think” might have happened.

Talking to a Lawyer

If you are injured during the pile up, it is vital to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your eligibility for compensation. But even if you and your lawyer intend to pursue a claim, for the time being it is easier to stick with your own insurance carriers to cover medical care and property damages. If you are injured as a result of another driver’s negligence, you have the right to recover funds for your subsequent damages and losses. A licensed accident lawyer can facilitate this process for you, safely and securely. An injury lawyer will look at multiple facets of the accident to develop your case and pursue a full and fair recovery, including what started the accident, who were the responsible parties, who you collided into as a result, and who collided into your vehicle.

During massive traffic collisions like these, it is expected for law enforcement to be distracted by the primary priority of tending to injured people and preventing further injuries from occurring. Because of this, they are not likely going to investigate any deeper into your case. For this reason, it is wise to take it upon yourself to gather any physical evidence you can, if you are well enough to, for future claims. This means taking photos of license plates, the vehicle in front and behind you, all the physical damages to your vehicle, and any injuries to yourself and your party. Ask the other drivers involved for contact information in case you need witness statements or other information.

Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C.

Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis

Personal Injury Attorneys 317-881-2700

Call The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 for seasoned car accident injury lawyers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Attorneys Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek are eager to help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve after being injured in a car accident. We offer free initial consultations and never collect lawyer fees unless we prevail for you. Call 317-881-2700 to speak with a friendly office attendant about filing personal injury car accident claims in Indianapolis, IN today.