Pedestrian Accidents and Laws in Indiana

Pedestrian Injury Claims 317-881-2700

Pedestrian Injury Claims 317-881-2700

Sadly, all over the United States, thousands of men, women, and children are seriously injured or killed in pedestrian accidents each year. Motor vehicle and traffic accidents are the number one causes behind pedestrian injuries and deaths. There are various laws and rules regarding pedestrian protection in our state, but unfortunately, they are commonly forgotten or overlooked after traffic school. Continue reading for a brief overview of standard pedestrian laws and regulations in Indiana.


Just like all other driver’s on the road, pedestrians have rules and guidelines to follow too. In Indiana, pedestrians must obey all traffic and pedestrian control signals at all times. This means anyone traveling by foot is required to comply with “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” traffic signals; as well as, any other traffic control devices or signs. They are also expected to always use crosswalks and pathways designated for pedestrian use. This means no J-walking! These rules are just in that they protect everyone by establishing a safe, consistent, and effective plan that we can all easily understand and obey.

An At-Fault Driver

A driver cannot overtake or pass another vehicle that is stopped in front of them at a crosswalk for pedestrians or cyclists. This at-fault driving scenario puts any pedestrian crossing the path at that time, in danger of being hit by the driver. This is why it is illegal. All drivers must obey all traffic control signals, and yield to pedestrians that have the right away at crosswalks and other pathways. They must also yield to blind pedestrians; discernible by a white cane or seeing-eye dog.

An At-Fault Pedestrian

Pedestrian Injury Claims 317-881-2700

Pedestrian Accident Claims 317-881-2700

Pedestrians, just like drivers, can be at fault in a motorist-pedestrian accident. If a pedestrian darts out into a busy road from a safe place or sidewalk, they could be at fault if they are hit by an oncoming car. The law explains that in this situation, drivers that are acting in accordance with with their traffic rules do not have enough response time to stop for a wandering pedestrian. Also, any person on foot is expected to use a sidewalk, rather than the edge of the road, for safety. If there is no sidewalk, they are allowed to walk on the direct edge or shoulder of a highway or street. If a pedestrian is crossing a road that is not marked with traffic control signals or a crosswalk, they are expected to yield the right away to all traffic.

There are several more pedestrian safety laws and guidelines that begin to get very specific, such as pedestrian law IC 9-21-17-11; that states all pedestrians should move along the right half of all crosswalks. Not such a serious violation. The important Indiana pedestrian laws are general, but important. Vehicles are prohibited to overtake a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk; pedestrians have to obey all traffics control devices unless otherwise specified by a police officer, pedestrians must yield to oncoming traffic if there is no marked crosswalk or path, they cannot walk along the shoulder or edge of a road with a functioning sidewalk, and motorists are responsible to yield to blind pedestrians at all times. Keep these rules in mind and protect yourself and others on the road.

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Call Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 if you are a victim of a pedestrian accident in Indiana. Indianapolis pedestrian accident attorneys, Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek, are seasoned injury lawyers that are eager to recover he rightful compensation you deserve after being wrongly injured in a pedestrian accident. Our law firm offers free initial consultations and will not collect attorney fees unless we prevail for you. Call 317-881-2700 for pedestrian accident and injury representation and legal counsel in Indianapolis, IN.

Rights Surrounding Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

Pedestrian Injury Claims 317-881-2700

Pedestrian Injury Claims 317-881-2700

Pedestrian accidents are very unfortunate and often times fatal. With fall coming to an end and spring tapping on our shoulders, more and more people are venturing out onto the sidewalks and streets for warm weather recreational fun. Bikers, joggers, dog walkers, kids walking home from school, and more are all vulnerable to becoming victims of motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents and fatalities occur more often than we would think. Recent statistics demonstrate that over seventy-five thousand people are injured in pedestrian incidents each year; and from those numbers, more than 5,000 are fatal. Statistics also show that the majority of pedestrian injuries occur in urban areas that are heavily populated; while the majority of fatalities occur in rural areas because speed limits are often higher and people drive faster. When it comes down to safety, pedestrians cannot be protected from reckless drivers and traffic, making it more likely for them to sustain serious and severe injuries.

Pedestrian accidents and injuries and was happen during rush-hour periods and heavy traffic times. In fact, these accidents seem to frequently take place between the hours of 3 PM and 4 PM on weekdays. During these times, people are commonly distracted by their eagerness to get home from work or being rushed to pick up their kids from school, and so on. Also during these times, cyclists and pedestrians are sharing these same roads and sidewalks as rush hour traffic. This mix is a common catalyst for pedestrian accidents. Anyone harmed or killed in a pedestrian accident is a victim to matter what the case; however, there are some circumstances in which the pedestrian is at fault instead of the driver. Continue reading to learn these circumstances and more regarding the laws surrounding pedestrian accidents and injuries.

When is a Driver “At Fault” in a Pedestrian Accident?

When a pedestrian is harmed or killed as a result of drivers’ negligence or carelessness, they become a victim of personal injury or fatality. There are several circumstances in which a driver can be “at fault” for pedestrian incident. Many pedestrian accidents occur from drunk driving cases. Other pedestrian personal injuries result from negligent driving, reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence of an illegal substance, distracted driving, and much more. Any driver that has harmed or killed a pedestrian while demonstrating these behaviors is the “at fault” individual or party within a personal injury lawsuit. If any of these situations have recently taken place in the lives that you are loved one, immediately contact an Indianapolis pedestrian accident attorney at 317-881-2700 right away. The sooner you take action on a personal injury claim, the more ahead you’ll be in your case.

When is a Pedestrian “At Fault” for Sustaining Injuries in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Although it can be hard to imagine, there are situations in which a pedestrian can be “at fault” for sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle accident. For example, if a person neglects to obey pedestrian traffic signals and commands, and then gets hit by a car, they will most likely be labeled the “at fault” or negligent party within a pedestrian accident lawsuit. Pedestrians can also exhibit other careless behaviors that can cause them to become victims of hit and run or car accidents; such as starting out in front of traffic, jaywalking, disregarding designated crosswalks, or attends to walk along the road with limited pedestrian access. If a person on foot or bicycle demonstrates any of these careless behaviors, they may have a hard time winning a personal injury accident lawsuit.

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Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Call The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 and schedule your free initial consultation with our pedestrian accident attorneys in Indianapolis, Indiana today. We are highly proficient and experienced personal injury attorneys that are well-versed in pedestrian accident law in Indiana. Our staff is more than happy to answer your questions regarding a potential pedestrian accident injury claim. If you are loved one has been recently injured as a pedestrian, take immediate action so to stay within Indiana statutes of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. You never require startup money as a client of our law firm because our attorneys do not collect or charge lawyer fees unless we win your case. Contact Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 for more information about pedestrian accident laws in Indiana today.