Types of Income Covered By Lost Wages Benefits

When a victim is wrongly hurt in an accident, it is common for them to miss weeks and months of work while recovering from their injuries. Sometimes, victims cannot go back to work at all if the injury is permanent and severe. While out of work, injured victims lose out on their regular earnings. These missed earnings are referred to as lost wages in a personal injury claim. Lost wages are one of the more common types of personal injury damages available for injured victims to recover.

Continue reading to learn which types of income are generally covered by lost wages benefits, plus where to schedule a free personal injury case evaluation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Indianapolis Indiana Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Personal Injury Coverage for Lost Wages

Lost wages refer to the missed earnings that are involuntarily forfeited by an employee who was injured in a negligent accident. After being injured in an accident that was not their fault, an injured victim is legally entitled to a financial recovery for their resulting damages and losses, including missed pay from missing work.

Most people assume that lost wages only cover missed paychecks, when in fact, they can cover a lot more. Lost wages can include all sorts of income and benefits, from salary and hourly pay to tips, bonuses, job perks, and more. The extent of compensation awarded for lost wages in a personal injury case depends on how long the injured victim is forced to miss work due to their injuries.

Once an injured victim reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), they can usually go back to work to the best of their ability. In the case of an injured victim suffering temporary, partial, or permanent disabilities that prevent them from performing the same duties as before, there are benefits that are available under Indiana worker compensation laws and third-party laws for this type of loss as well.

Examples of Lost Wages That May Be Awarded in a Personal Injury Case:

Hourly Pay
Sick Leave
Vacation Days
Job Perks

Returning to Work at a Lower Pay

Sometimes an injured victim can return to work after an accident, but not in their full capacity. In such cases, an employee comes back to work, but in a different role and at a lower pay. This type of earning loss may also be covered by personal injury lost wage benefits. In other cases, an injured victim cannot return to work to the same capacity ever again. In personal injury cases, this circumstance is known as loss of earnings potential. Those who qualify may be awarded future lost wages.

Evidence of Wage Related Losses

In a personal injury case, the claimant and their legal team holds the burden of proving lost wages. Fortunately, this is not usually a challenge, especially for particularly skilled and experienced Indiana civil litigators. Common types of evidence used to prove lost wages in a personal injury case include recent pay stubs, W2’s, bank records, medical records, tax return statements, expert testimony, a letter from the doctor stating a patient cannot return to work, and even a simple wage verification letter from the employer.

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Facts About Lost Wages in a Personal Injury Claim

There are many types of damages and losses a personal injury victim can incur as a result of their accident and subsequent injuries. But one of the most common types of losses experienced by accident survivors is lost wages. When a person is seriously injured, they often lose time at work due to frequent hospital or doctors’ visits, or miss work entirely because they are unable to perform their work duties. Without a steady paycheck, accident victims then go on to suffer other types of financial losses, such as house bills and car payments.

For this reason and more, it is important for wrongfully injured victims to recover the full and fair compensation they rightfully deserve, including damages for lost wages. A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain the maximum settlement or verdict for your accident claim if you lost past, current, or future earnings as a result of another’s negligence.  

Continue below to learn more about lost wages, including how to prove them in a personal injury case and where to find skilled personal injury representation near you.

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Indianapolis IN Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

Recovery After an Accident

Because injuries vary so greatly, so does the spectrum of recovery times. One person might recover within a few weeks, and able to return to work while they finish healing, while another person might spend years in recovery. Some personal injury victims never fully recover and lose their ability to work altogether. In all cases and scenarios, wrongfully injured victims deserve to be compensated for their lost income, as well as a wide range of additional damages, such as medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, permanent or partial disability, and much more as it pertains to the case.

Types of Lost Wages and Proving Them

There are various types of earnings a personal injury victim can lose out on, whether the victim is the actual injured person or a spouse or family member. The most common types of lost wages awarded in personal injury cases include hourly wages, overtime, sick leave, vacation days, bonuses, company perks, and benefits (i.e. insurance, social security, pension, etc.).

With so many kinds of wages paid to injured workers, it is necessary to prove such incomes with concrete evidence. The most common pieces of evidence used to prove a victim’s lost wages include pay stubs, tax documents, W2’s, a letter from the employer verifying a worker’s wages, a doctor’s note stating an employee cannot work, medical records, expert testimony, and basic data about their work schedule and weekly hours. If a victim is self-employed, their business’s banking records would be presented.

Future Lost Wages

Not only can personal injury victims possibly collect compensation for past and current lost wages, but they may also qualify to collect compensation for future lost earnings as well. This type of personal injury claim is referred to as a loss of potential to earn, and is often awarded in personal injury cases when a victim’s injuries are sustaining, rendering them unable to work for the foreseeable future. They are compensated for all projected future earnings, including pay raises, promotions, bonuses, overtime, and benefits.

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Can I Recover Compensation for Lost Wages After My Personal Injury Accident?

A wrongfully injured personal injury victim experiences several losses after an accident, but a significant types of damages they suffer is the loss of paychecks from missing time at work. Often times, wrongfully injured victims face financial challenges since they are not bringing in the same, steady income they were before. For those who are primary care-takers of their families, this is an added burden. Fortunately, wrongfully-injured victims can prove their lost wages in a personal injury lawsuit, and thus, be awarded compensation for the paychecks they would have received, and possibly future lost wages as well.

Continue reading to learn how an experienced personal injury lawyer can prove your lost wages and recover the full and fair compensation you deserve after being injured in an accident that was not your fault.

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Claiming Payments for Lost Work Wages After an Accident

Missed payments and similar earnings are considered lost wages. They apply even if an injured victim goes back to work, but in a limited scope, and at a lower pay. Lost wages can include base pay, bonuses, commissions, tips, company perks, overtime, PTO, sick days, and even vacation days. Whether you have had to take full time off work after your personal injury accident, are only able to work part-time or temporarily, or you can never go back to work ever again, you should be a good candidate for receiving a settlement or verdict in your favor if the accident that caused your injuries was not your fault.

You must, however, be sure to hire an experienced Indiana personal injury law firm to represent your claim. Only they can navigate your case in the right direction, and in the best interest of your and your claim’s outcome. Essentially, they have the knowledge and skills to prove wage-related losses in an accident lawsuit, or well-before your claim even goes to trial.

Proving Lost Wages

In order to prove that you have in fact lost out on work paychecks as a result of your accident and subsequent injuries, your lawyer will substantiate a case filled with concrete irrefutable evidence and documentation. They will prove that your accident was caused by a negligent party, and that the accident was caused genuine, precise, and compensable losses. Lost income is one of these types of specific and calculable losses.

Additionally, your lawyer will provide other types of evidence to support this claim, including a detailed description of your job and work hours, past paycheck stubs, recent tax return documents and W-2’s, a letter from your boss confirming your lost wages, medical records, doctors’ letters, and even expert testimonies if necessary. As a personal injury victim, you might also recover compensation for future lost wages and similar earnings, including loss of retirement benefits and loss of pension.

How to Get Your Personal Injury Claim Started in Indianapolis, Indiana

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