What are My Rights if I Am Injured on Private Property?

Premise Liability Claims 317-881-2700

Premise Liability Claims 317-881-2700

In last week’s blog, we discussed why the location of an accident is important in a personal injury lawsuit. When a personal injury takes place on another person’s private property, the legal course of action may differ depending on the state. The factors that influence the progress and outcome of a private property personal injury case vary as well, including whether or not the property is used residential or commercial purposes.

A victim may be able to sue for any losses and damages incurred as a result of the accident, such as lost wages, medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and more. If you’ve been injured on private property, it is time to learn your rights to compensation. Continue reading to learn what your options are after being injured on someone else’s property.

Accident Circumstances

Private property personal injury accidents fall under the category of premise liability in tort law. Property owners have a legal duty of care to ensure their property is free of unreasonable hazards that could harm others. The standards to which property owners must adhere to in terms of maintaining a safe premises differ depending on if the property is residential or commercial. Business owners are held at a higher standard to ensure their premises are safe for customers, licensees, employees, and more.

Read our blog about A Store’s Obligation to Maintain a Safe Premises to learn more. Homeowners are also required to maintain safe premises, and may even be subject to certain attractive nuisance laws depending on the state. Read our article about A Property Owners’ Responsibility and Liability of their Premises for details about homeowner premise liability.

Premise Liability Claims

The course and outcome of premise liability cases depend on several factors, including the type of accident, the extent of the injuries, the type of property, and various other significant details. To learn about your states premise liability laws and procedures, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who is prepared to take your case to trial if need be. Be sure to fund attorney who works in a good basis so that you are not obligated to pay upfront expenses.

On a contingency fee basis, personal injury clients only pay lawyer fees if the law firm recovers a fair settlement for them. Often times, premise liability lawsuits involve third-party claims as well, making them a bit more complicated than standard personal injury cases. For this reason, it is important to have professional legal counsel your side navigating you toward a full and fair financial recovery.

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