How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents While Riding Roadside

Bicycle  Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

Bicycle Accident Lawyer 317-881-2700

Cyclists and bikers are involved in thousands of motor vehicle accidents each year. Although bike-riding is a fun and healthy activity for the whole family, it can make a person much more vulnerable if riding on the side of the road. This is especially true for those who frequently ride alongside busy streets and roadways. No matter how much experience and awareness a person may have as a cyclist, no one can never predict or trust the actions of others on the road. For this reason, protection and safety are vital.

Continue reading to learn how to be safer while enjoying the pleasures and perks of roadside cycling.

Bike Safety

By applying safe bicycling habits and practices, a person can avoid accidents and injuries from taking place. In order to avoid one of the most life-threatening injuries from occurring is wearing a helmet. Head and neck injuries are very serious and can even cause death in severe cases. By wearing a helmet, a rider can protect their cranium in the case of a sudden impact or fall. Helmets are basically bike safety rule number one.

For those who enjoy night riding, it is strongly suggested to wear proper reflective gear, as well as, reflective lighting on spokes and handlebars. By illuminating a cyclist, car and other traffic can spot the rider and avoid hitting them or causing them harm. Anyone can purchase reflective biking gear at any local sporting goods store or superstore. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and products.

Following all cycling rules, as well as all rules of the road, are important parts of safe biking. Bicyclists are not only responsible for following the cycling rules while riding, the must also obey all traffic signal and laws as well. This is especially important for those who commute to work or school on bike. Designated bike lanes should always be used on public roadways for protection against fast-moving traffic. Bikes will simply never be able to compete with a car, so if they come into contact with one another, the car will not suffer nearly as much damage as a bike and cyclist. By staying in the bike lanes, a person can avoid coming into the contact with traffic, or backing up traffic.

Bicycle Accidents in Indianapolis

If you or a loved one was recently injured negligently in a bicycle accident, contact a licensed and experienced personal injury law firm right away. Don’t let the statute of limitations run out before you have a chance to collect compensation for your damages. If you were truly injured as a result of another driver’s negligence, or the negligence of the city, you may be entitled to remuneration for your losses. You can recover for lost wages, time off work, medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and much more.

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