Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents that happen on a business’s premises can cause serious injuries, which can result in serious lawsuits. There are plenty of precautions business owners can and should take to drastically reduce the likelihood of slip and fall and other fall accidents. Continue reading to learn more about a property owner’s duty of care to maintain a safe premises as a property owner.

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A Business’s Legal Duty of Care

In all states, property owners, including businesses, have a legal responsibility to ensure their premises are safe and free of foreseeable hazards, for both guests and staff. This is referred to as a duty of care, and it is the law. Any store or commercial space that invites people in or onto their property is required to fulfill this legal duty, including retail stores, business centers, offices, service providers, hotels, restaurants, markets, and more.

Business owners are expected to use a high level of caution to make sure their property is safe for all. Such responsibilities include making repairs as needed, making updates and renovations as needed, implementing routine inspections, staying up to code on all systems, implementing routine cleaning and maintenance, and post warnings in trouble areas.

When a business neglects or fails to uphold their duty of care, whether through action or inaction, they can be held liable for any resulting damages and losses suffered by the accident victim. Such damages include medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and much more. If a property owner knows of or should have known of a hazard that causes a victim harm, the property or business owner can be found at-fault and responsible for compensating for the injured person’s damages.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Lawsuits

Among store-related personal injuries, slip, trip, and fall accidents are one of the most common. Fortunately, slip and fall accidents can and should be easily prevented by implementing some vital deterrents, and by staying vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses fail to stay vigilant and people get hurt.  Property and business owners should maintain full insurance coverage under a general liability policy, as well as, stay current on all repairs, inspections, maintenance, cleaning, and posted warning signs.

General Liability Insurance for Businesses

As a business owner, it is wise to acquire a comprehensive general liability policy through a trusted insurance provider. These policies typically come standard with coverage for a defense attorney in the case that you are sued for a slip and fall accident, as well as a fund to pay for any settlement for an accident victim.

Common Causes of Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Here are the most common reasons why slip and fall accidents happen on commercial properties and businesses:

Exposed Cords, Wires, Ropes, and Similar Obstructions
Crumbling or Unleveled Curbs and Stairs
Ripped, Peeling, or Bunched Carpeting
Loose, Sliding Rugs
Insufficient Lighting in Stairwells
Insufficient Lighting in Entry and Exits
Leaks, Liquids, and Spills on Ground or Floors
Negligent Snow and Ice Removal/Maintenance
Insufficient Cleaning and Maintenance
Unleveled Walkways and Flooring
Improperly or Negligently Placed Furniture
Insufficient or non-existent inspections for these issues

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