How to File a Personal Injury Complaint in Indiana

Were you or your loved one recently injured in a serious accident, and now you wish to take your claim to court for the purpose of recovering full and fair compensation for your damages and losses? If so, you need to know what a personal injury complaint is, and how to properly file one in Indiana.

Continue reading for the facts about the single document that will get your personal injury lawsuit into motion, and on the right track.

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Personal Injury Complaints

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court with the help of a seasoned accident attorney. However, there are some cases that do go to trial, even when a legal professional is handling the claim. When such claims are taken to court, a personal injury complaint is the document a victim files to get the lawsuit started. Keep in mind, the representing personal injury lawyer is the party who actually manages the filing of this document; so, as a client, you would not be responsible for filing a personal injury complaint.

A standard personal injury complaint document is separated into specific sections that contain the basic information about the claim and the plaintiff, including court information, facts about the accident, the relevant law, and the losses and damages of the plaintiff. Depending on the circumstances of the claim and personal methods of a law firm, complaints may also contain the legal basis for filing the lawsuit, such as an explanation as to why the plaintiff feels entitled to compensation for their damages and losses. See our blog, “An Overview of Indiana Negligence Laws” to better understand your legal right to compensation after being hurt in an accident.

Statutes of Limitations

Here in Indiana, the law gives personal injury claimants 2 years from the date of the incident to make a claim against the at-fault party in most situations. See our blog, “Is it Too Late For Me to Make a Personal Injury Claim?” to learn more about our state’s statute of limitations.  Applicable time limits are substantially less, depending upon who the at-fault party is, so it is very important to call an injury attorney as soon as you have been able to obtain your initial treatment for your injuries.

Who to Trust With Your Indiana Personal Injury Claim

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