How to Bring a Third Party Claim After a Workplace Injury in Indianapolis

After being injured in the job, employees are generally eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which are basic and only cover the injured party’s damages in a limited fashion. But what if an employee’s accident was another party’s fault other than their employer or company? This is common in the case of car accidents, such as a negligent driver causing a serious collision with a truck driver who is on the clock and operating the company vehicle. Additionally, what about the other types of losses suffered by injured workers that are just as significant and impactful, like mental anguish, pain, and suffering? Worker’s compensation benefits do not usually pay out for such damages.

Fortunately, injured workers harmed by another’s negligence other than their employer or a co-employee can pursue a third party claim to obtain the full and fair amount of compensation they deserve for ALL their damages and losses. If you were recently injured at work you can bring a workers’ compensation claim to recover benefits for your medical expenses, bills, some of your lost wages and if you have been permanently injured, you can also receive limited amounts for the permanency.  If you are injured while working through the fault of a third party who is not your employer or a co-employee, you can make a claim for all your damages.

Continue reading to learn more about third party personal injury claims and how to get started on yours.

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Indianapolis IN Personal Injury Law Firm 317-881-2700

Third Party Claims for Injured Workers

Third party claims are important for workers who are injured on the job by another party separate from their company or employer. In such situations, not only should an injured worker accept workers’ compensation benefits after an accident on the clock, but they should also seek additional compensation from the separate party who caused their accident and ensuing damages.

In order for your third party claim to be successful, you will need a skilled and experienced personal injury law firm representing your case. As the claimant, you hold the burden of proving your case, including the defendant’s duty of care, their negligence, your resulting injuries, and overall damages and losses.

Who to Trust for Third Party Workplace Injury Claim Help in Indianapolis

The Law Office of Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. is your source for trusted personal injury workers’ compensation representation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our seasoned accident lawyers have represented numerous workers’ compensation, workplace accident cases and third party cases resulting from injuries to persons that occurred while the person was working, including Spanish speaking workplace accidents. We have the proper skills, legal resources, finances, and more to obtain fair and full relief for workplace accident victims.

This assures our clients that they have entrusted the right law firm for their work-related injury lawsuit. Our history shows that we work hard to fight for and protect our client’s rights, while recovering all funds and benefits they are rightfully entitled to. We offer free initial consultations and charge no fees unless we win compensation for you.

Are you ready to get your claim in motion or learn more about your rights? Contact us today at 317-881-2700 to schedule a free initial consultation with a licensed workplace accident lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. We serve clients state-wide, and never collect attorney fees unless we prevail for you.

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