Helpful Ways to Manage Your Grief After a Loved One’s Passing

No one will ever have all the answers, or even the right words for that matter, to make you feel more at peace with a loved ones’ passing, although just being there for someone can help. This is ineffably a very dark and emotional time for you and the many others close to the departed, find solace in knowing that there are ways to help cope with the emotional stress and deep pain that comes along with losing someone you love. And although you may want to be alone, there will be many who want to extend their condolences. For the sake of your emotional and mental health, as well as your overall quality of life moving forward, you will have to learn how to remain open to them and the others around you.

Continue below for some helpful advice on how you might better manage your grief after a loved one’s death, plus what you should do if your loved one lost their lives as a result of another’s negligence.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700
Wrongful Death Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana 317-881-2700

Coping Mechanisms for the Bereaved

Stay Close to Family and Friends

Your close relatives and friends are the people who care about you the most; and may in fact share the grief of the departed with you. Use them as they will use you to be a shoulder to cry on. Rather than holding back, use this time to open up to family and friends about your feelings and fears. They too should feel willing to talk, easing the tension and frustration of bottled feelings. This helps the healing process begin.

Endure Funeral Planning

Whether you decide on a small or large funeral, it is best to go in the direction that puts the least amount of stress on you and the rest of the immediate family. If the departed has made special requests for their funeral ahead of time, it is important to honor those last wishes; however, if there are none, use your best judgment on what they would have wanted and what works within your abilities. Do not be afraid to inform others that the funeral is for close family only, if you desire a very small private funeral. Even if they are close friends, they will respect the wishes of the family.

If the funeral is a very large event, do not worry about talking and greeting every single guest. Be sure to relax and make your own pace. This will help your stress and sensitivity levels throughout the day. Most people will understand that much of the family isn’t up for conversation as it is.

Accept Death and Welcome Back Life

Once the funeral is over, and the extended family travels home, it is normal to feel directionless. It is important to use the funeral as a safe platform to say goodbye and make your peace with the loss. Death is a guarantee to all of us, and it is also important to know that life does not stop when another’s ends.

Try to understand that your life is still here, and you have time ahead of you to make the best of it. Appreciate the time you had with the departed and remember and honor them in your own way but be sure to continue pursing your goals and dreams. After all, that is exactly what the departed would want for you. And remember that it’s okay to be sad every so often because you have family and friends to pull you through.  In addition, if you feel the need, you can always seek professional help and guidance from a priest, pastor, religious or non-religious counselor or a psychologist or psychiatrist. Given the extent on the loss, whatever you need is whatever you need.

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