General Workers’ Compensation Benefits and How to Claim Them

An employer’s workers’ compensation coverage provides certain payments for those injured on the job. Continue reading to learn some of the most common workers’ compensation benefits, how to claim them after a workplace injury, and what you can do if they are not adequate to cover your damages and losses.

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Workplace Injuries and Damages

It is common for people who are injured on the job to collect workers’ compensation benefits. The amount of compensation and degree of benefits received by injured workers largely depends on what state the employer is located in and the extent of the injuries or damages. Damages can include but are not limited to lost wages, medical expenses, hospital bills, permanent partial impairment rating (PPI ratings) and sometimes other damages.

Workers’ compensation should cover damages caused by a workplace accident or injury It is wise to hire an Indianapolis personal injury attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases to recover the full and fair recompense deserved.

Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Not all workers’ compensation claims are for physical injuries. Although most involve some sort of bodily harm, mental anguish or trauma can be just as damaging. Sometimes, personal injury cases can involve assault/battery, contracting a work-related illness or disease, experiencing an armed robbery or other gun related attack, and more. Either way, the common coverages and benefits received from workers’ compensation claims are as follows:

☑ Paid Hospital Bills, Medical Expenses, Physical Therapy, Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation, Doctor Visits, Counseling, Prescriptions, Etc.

☑ Paid Weekly Earnings for Time Off Work Longer than One Week (2/3 of Average Weekly Pay-400 Week Maximum)

☑ Benefits for Dependents in the Case of a Wrongful Death at Work 

☑ Travel Expenses (If Applicable)

A Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help You Recover the Most Benefits

There are sometimes other types of benefits available to those injured on the job, however, they vary depending on the company’s policies, insurance coverage, the extent of injury, and much more. If you wish to recover the full and fair remuneration you and your family deserve after your workplace accident or injury, your best course of action is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis who is well-versed and experienced in workers’ compensation cases.

A certified and skilled Indianapolis workers’ compensation lawyer can provide comprehensive case support from start to finish. They retain the proper resources, experience, and knowledge to navigate your workers’ compensation claim so that your focus can be placed solely on your recovery. Just be sure the Indiana personal injury law firm you select employs attorneys with extensive trial and litigation experience in workers’ compensation cases. This effort will further ensure you are choosing a lawyer that can successfully navigate your claim and have a better chance of recovering for your damages and losses.

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