Do Personal Injury Cases Go to Arbitration?

A common misconception about personal injury cases is that they all go before a jury. However, most personal injury claims are settled long before they ever have to see a courtroom. For cases that settle outside of court, often times both parties will seek an alternative dispute resolution source or are contractually required to do so, such as mediation or  arbitration, to obtain a settlement through negotiations or an arbitration. Some cases are also only tried to the judge instead of a jury. The difference between going to trial and settling out of court is significant to the outcome of a personal injury case, and can have a major impact on the final settlement.

With this in mind, you might be wondering why personal injury cases might go to arbitration instead of trial. Continue reading to learn a few examples of when this could happen, and where to get trusted legal advice regarding your personal injury claim.

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Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm 317-881-2700

How Arbitration Works

In order to resolve a case by means of arbitration, both parties must agree or there must be a legitimate end enforceable contractual requirement. When two parties go to arbitration, together they select an impartial, unbiased party(ies) to resolve their dispute. This person is known as an arbitrator. Sometimes, each side picks an arbitrator and those two arbitrators then select a third arbitrator.  The two parties agree beforehand that they will comply with the arbitration award. Once the arbitration begins, a single hearing or a series of hearings are held to allow both parties to present their evidence and testimony. Then at the conclusion, the arbitrator(s) renders a final decision.

Arbitration is sometimes preferred over trial for the main reasons of time and money. It is faster, more efficient, and costs much less than a court trial. It is a streamlined version of dispute resolution since it eliminates the formalities of court procedures, such as filing, court dates, motions, jury selection, and more. Court costs, attorney fees, filing fees, and time off work are all examples of associated, out-of-pocket costs claimants can face if they push for their case to go to trial. 

Cases That Go to Arbitration

Typically, both parties involved in a personal injury case have to choose alternative dispute resolution. However, there are some personal injury cases that are legally required to go to arbitration. Such cases are generally those that are bound contractually by arbitration clauses, which usually state that parties must enter arbitration in the circumstance of a contract dispute and/or breach. One of the main objectives for companies to include arbitration clauses in their contracts is to mitigate legal costs, while others believe that arbitrators award less than jurors in some circumstances.

If you are a personal injury victim facing an arbitration clause, there is still hope for your case. Contact a licensed Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to represent your claim in arbitration, and recover the full settlement or judgment you deserve.

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