Common Slip and Fall Injury Questions

Slip and Fall Lawyers 317-881-2700

Slip and Fall Lawyers 317-881-2700

When you or a loved one is injured in a slip, trip, or fall accident, it is natural to have questions regarding insurance, legal affairs, and more. When an accident like this happens as a result of another person or entity’s negligence, you may be owed compensation for your damages and losses. Always be sure to first seek immediate medical attention if you injury yourself after slipping and falling. Even if you feel like you are not injured, it is wise to have yourself check out by a medical professional to be sure.

Some injuries are dormant for days or weeks before showing signs, like concussions, neck injuries, fractures, and more. It is common to not feel injured immediately after an accident. Once you receive medical care, you are ready to call a slip and fall lawyer. Continue reading to learn some facts about slip and fall injuries and accidents, as well as, some common questions regarding such cases.

Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case?

To entirely understand your case top to bottom, you will need the professional assistance of a personal injury lawyer. They have the knowledge, experience, and resources to investigate your incident and determine if you have a valid case. Lawyers must consider all the unique and individual details of each client’s case in order to assess whether or not they are entitled to compensation for their losses. Such aspects include: extent of injuries and subsequent damages (losses), the at-fault party(s), the amount of evidence, and more.

What is the Time Limit for Filing a Slip and Fall Claim?

The time limit to file a lawsuit is called the Statute of Limitations. This time limit varies from state to state, and offense to offense. In Indiana, injury lawsuits have a statute of limitations of two years. This means you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim against a negligent party. If you fail to do so in the allotted time, you lose your chance and can never file again.

How Much Does a Slip and Fall Lawyer Cost?

Reputable and established personal injury law firms generally work on a contingency basis. This means they do not collect any upfront legal fees or costs, and only collect payment if they win their client’s case. With this type of payment model, anyone can afford a slip and fall lawyer no matter what. Other law firms that do not operate this way may offer financing, payment plans, and more. Discuss payment arrangements with your personal injury lawyer before signing any documents.

Should I Pay My Medical Bills Myself?

Depending on the type of insurance policy you have, the insurance policy of the at-fault party, and the state you live in, this can vary. In some cases, victims have to pay their own medical bills and expenses, and then get reimbursed after the settlement. Other times, the opposing party’s insurance company pays these bills. If the claim is not successful, victims might be left to pay for their expenses themselves. It all depends on the circumstances of the case and the insurance companies. This is another reason why you need the services of a licensed accident attorney.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Slip and Fall Claim?

The time it takes, from the moment you contact a law firm to the moment you cash the recompense check, greatly varies from case to case. Personal injury attorneys work hard to win a client’s case as quickly as possible to get them back to their normal lives. This is their whole purpose: to help victims get the full and fair compensation they deserve so they can concentrate on getting back to normal after a serious injury or accident.

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Personal Injury Lawyers 317-881-2700

Call Craven, Hoover, and Blazek P.C. at 317-881-2700 to file a slip and fall claim in Indianapolis, Indiana. Personal injury attorneys, Daniel Craven, Ralph Hoover, and Keith Blazek, have extensive trial and litigation experience in accident law. Our law firm offers free initial consultations and NEVER collects lawyer fees unless we win your case! Call 317-881-2700 to schedule your consultation with one of our passionate slip and fall lawyers in Indianapolis, IN today.

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