Can You Sue a Jail for the Death of an Inmate?

Over the summer, a mother lost her son to an untreated case of appendicitis in an Oklahoma jail. Was it the jail’s fault? Did she sue the jail for negligence? Continue reading to find out.

Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers 317-881-2700
Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers 317-881-2700

An Inmate Dies From Appendicitis

In an Oklahoma prison this past May, a 21 year old inmate by the name of Joshua England lost his life as a result of a burst appendix; and with only 90 days left on his 348-day sentence. It all started when he began experiencing severe stomach aches. Concerned and suffering, he visited the jail’s infirmary 5 days a week or more to find relief, but the jail’s medical staff failed to find anything wrong with him at each visit.

His symptoms continued to worsen, eventually (and quickly) evolving into more serious and tell-tale symptoms, including shortness of breath, rectal bleeding, and blood in his vomit. These are all signs of acute appendicitis. He even wrote letters to the medical staff with statements like, “”My stomach hurts so bad”, and “It’s hard to breath (sic) and sleep. I can’t eat that makes the pain worse.”

Antibiotics can easily treat patients so long as the appendicitis is caught in the early stages. But once an appendix bursts, emergency surgery is required, or death is imminent. Since the medical staff at the jail continued to ignore his suffering, only offering him Pepto-Bismol, laxatives, and ibuprofen as treatment, his appendix finally burst, causing him to die while experiencing horrifying abdominal pain.

Lawsuits for Such Cases

In the case of Joshua England, his mother did bring about a lawsuit asserting that the jail staff failed to acknowledge his need for serious medical treatment. However, the lawsuit also alleged that cameras were brought into the jail clinic to document his refusal of treatment. It said he also signed a waiver to make his refusal official. The result of the case is unknown, as the lawsuit is still pending.

☛ Read more about the actual case on Oklahoma’s News 4.

Questions About Indiana Wrongful Death Claims?

When a wrongful death occurs, there are several scenarios and variables that influence the validity of a lawsuit. It is important to discuss your potential case with a seasoned accident and injury attorney who can provide personalized guidance unique to your loss. Furthermore, it is important to take action now, as there are statutes of limitations that restricts the amount time person has to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party.

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