Can Government Entities Be Sued for Personal Injuries?

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Many people ask if cities, towns, counties, or municipalities can be sued for negligence that results in an individuals’ injuries. Well, just like any other person or company, government entities can be sued for personal injuries too. The difference, however, is quite substantial. You see, there is a separate set of rules and guidelines to follow when pursuing a claim against a governmental division or body. And these stipulations are strict, rigid, and demanding.

It isn’t simple suing a regular person or entity either, but compared to a governmental lawsuit, the difference in obligations are colossal. No matter which type of lawsuit you wish to file, it is necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer for accurate and reliable legal counsel. Continue reading to learn more about suing government entities following an accident that resulted in personal injuries.

Statute of Limitations

When it comes to suing a government entity, there is a stricter and shorter statute of limitations. In fact, all deadlines are shorter and firmly inflexible. These rules and requirements differ slightly from state to state, but are all equally stringent across the board. In regular cases, statute of limitations are much longer, usually between 2 and 6 years, and sometimes more. But in government-related lawsuits, the time limit is much shorter, often ranging anywhere from 30 days to four months.

Some people are not even out of the hospital in this amount of time, which is why it is so vital to have a licensed Indianapolis accident attorney on your team to full-fill all the necessary requirements and fight for your cause. It is helpful to know that not all states are this way and instead, they stick to the general time limits for personal injury claims. Check with your lawyer for your states’ governmental statute of limitations.

Deadlines and Documents

Deadlines and documents are taken very seriously in these kinds of personal injury cases. Failing to even pay a filing fee on time can spoil a case entirely. In some states, a person cannot simply file a claim against the government. They instead have to file a “notice of claim” first in order to “notify” the institution they wish to sue. Without this document being presented and filed properly, a case will be automatically dismissed by the court.

The frustrating part about this document is that it has to be sent via postal mail to each and every governmental employee or entity presumably responsible for a person’s accident and subsequent injuries. Depending on the state, it might be required to mail this notice to one singular agency that intercepts all claim notices. Not only is this time-consuming, it is a complicated and fragile step to suing a government entity. On these forms, there are specific informational requirements that must be provided.

Although government entities can be sued, lawsuits are not always successful. These branches are immune to many types of personal injury cases. They are exempt from the standard rules and guidelines that common society has to follow in such circumstances. This is just one more reason why a personal injury lawyer is so vital to a person’s case. There are so many complex details, differences, exceptions, rules, and more to know and follow in a government-related lawsuit, and a reputable attorney can help define them all.

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