A Brief Explanation of Temporary Total, Temporary Partial, and Permanent Total Disability Benefits

If you are injured at work, you may be entitled to disability payments if your injuries are considered an accident under the Worker’s Compensation Act. There are numerous types of disability benefits available for those who are unable to return to work as a result of a workplace injury. Three common disability payments injured workers may qualify for in Indiana include Temporary Total Disability (TTD), Temporary Partial Disability (TPD), and Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

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Workers' Compensation Lawyers 317-881-2700

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers 317-881-2700

Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

Temporary Total Disability benefits are payments made available to those who have injured themselves at work, and cannot return to work for a period of time because their injuries has rendered them totally disabled. This can be a result of broken bones, surgery, therapy, or some other form of injury that leaves the worker unable to perform their work-related duties. An injured worker may not be able to perform their duties as a result of the seriousness of the injury, or because their doctor has not yet cleared them for work. In some cases, the treating doctor may release a worker for light-duty work, but there is not light duty work available in their field. This is an example of when Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) may come into play.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

Temporary Partial Disability refers to benefits available for injured workers who are still undergoing a healing process but have reached a point to where they can perform some degree of light-duty or reduced-activity work, whether full or part time. If this amount of work or pay is less than what the worker was receiving before the injury, the employer or workers compensation insurance company may be responsible to pay two-thirds of the difference in pay, in adherence to individual state regulations. For those who can never return to their full load of work or pay, they may be entitled to Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) payments; however, this varies greatly from case to case.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

Permanent Total Disability payments are for the most seriously injured workers. These would be employees who are rendered unable to work for an indefinite period of time. Eligibility for these benefits may vary from case to case and may be subject to limitations, so it is important to discuss details with a licensed personal injury lawyer who is well-versed in serious workers’ compensation cases.

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